Tattoos - Yes or No?

Do you have a tattoo?
Do you have a tattoo?
Do you plan at some point to get a tattoo?
Where is your tattoo?
How many years have you had your tattoo?
Do you regret getting the tattoo?
Who would you most like a tattoo designed by?
10/19/2011 Beauty & Fashion 10 points 1043


  • porekchops88 profile photo
    need one
    about 3 hours
  • Asphikenna profile photo
    I have three tattoos. Each that have a strong meaning to ME and aren't visible to anyone else unless I am wearing a bikini or naked (which I typically don't do in public). I didn't get them for 'show', just as a personal memorial as reminders that I am worth having on this planet (I got each tattoo after conquering a personal problem, i.e. depression). My favorite is my thigh tattoo which has the words "La Morte Mi Trovera Vivo" aka Death Will Find Me Alive.
    3 days
  • tiffanyking75 profile photo
    I really want a tat but i want something that has a lot of meaning to it just dont know what yet!
    4 days
  • amihart profile photo
    I don't like tattoos. They always look strange to me and draw my attention, like a zit. I'd never get one myself, because I'd probably end up regretting it. No point in getting a permanent reminder of a temporary me. We change all the time, so doing anything that would affect me permanently would be a bad idea. Maybe one or two tattoos on a person I don't mind, but if you're covered in them, I personally think it's pretty ugly.
    12 days
  • eclark867 profile photo
    I'm not really against them. I just know that some employers are wanting them to be able to be covered. I have one little small one on my hand and was denied a job for it. Now I work for myself ;-)
    15 days
  • myview profile photo
    Tats are an individual form of each their own! Maturity has taught me not to judge. Personally for me, I don't favor excessive they can be a distraction.
    16 days
  • ozzy3 profile photo
    I think small tattoos are nice as long as your not covered in them .
    17 days
  • jrh095674 profile photo
    I think tattoos all over a woman or man's person is UGGGGGGLY.
    17 days
  • ash420 profile photo
    Yes! I'm all for tattoos.
    17 days
  • TonyaDP profile photo
    I do not have any tattoo's and don't plan on any. I know it tells a story of someones life but so do scars and they are not done on purpose. Just a opinion, but it shows uneducated and low class.
    17 days
  • antoniad profile photo
    Love them on other people if they are done right but would never get them on myself!
    17 days
  • love3minem profile photo
    Yes. I love tattoos . They are just a form of art on your body.
    18 days
  • love3minem profile photo
    I love tattoos. I think that I am going to get ne on my wrist that says either survive alone or no more pain.
    20 days
  • Aima224 profile photo
    I recently saw some really beautiful white tattoos. If I ever got a tattoo, it would definitely be all white.
    21 days
  • steffy0613 profile photo
    I want shooting stars across my foot
    23 days
  • brearex profile photo
    I'm to scared to get a tatoo.
    23 days
  • Sobia_azam123 profile photo
    Dont like tattoo,s
    26 days
  • scotian4u profile photo
    I regreted one tattoo out of 3 but I got it covered up with beautiful roses ) and the other 3 i have no regrets on )
    26 days
  • Mystick71 profile photo
    28 days
  • leeanne2000 profile photo
    Whats the point
    29 days
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