Tattoos - Yes or No?

Do you have a tattoo?
Do you have a tattoo?
Do you plan at some point to get a tattoo?
Where is your tattoo?
How many years have you had your tattoo?
Do you regret getting the tattoo?
Who would you most like a tattoo designed by?
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  • billyjames86 profile photo
    Tattoos are a form of expression just as one might write or paint this is just another form of it. And for someone to say we shouldn't be aloud to express ourselves in that way an or should be banned is just ignorant. You don't see tattoo lovers wanting to try an have freedom of speech taken away so we wouldn't have to hear or read dumb a$$ anti tattoo comments. I love ink an every time I hear someone knocking it it makes me want another one that much more.
    about 15 hours
  • lilonee113 profile photo
    I have tattos regret them at times but do have em for a reson and i love them its like memorys
    about 21 hours
  • troiboi65 profile photo
    Each to there own. It's your life why should I care!
    5 days
  • Sindy profile photo
    7 days
  • Missy profile photo
    17 days
  • glory72736 profile photo
    to megleeo1 Your right many answers are UPITY so MAKE YOUR OWN SURVEYS I would like to do some, your answers are great. about the tats. THIS IS ART. GOING BACK VER 600 YEARS. Sorry some people don't get it but it is a very wonderful and will always be around. I LOVE BODY ART !gg
    about 1 month
  • misterpi profile photo
    I have studied several various religions and from what I found was all have flaws but also have alot in common
    about 1 month
  • jacmonari1 profile photo
    tattoos are good but there bad
    about 1 month
  • Rotahayes profile photo
    Not for me now
    about 1 month
  • Russo305 profile photo
    I love my tats
    about 1 month
  • maryjanechang123 profile photo
    I have many tattoos I don't give a **** what people say or how they look
    about 1 month
  • VirginiaOwen profile photo
    I don't want one, because I noticed when I was pretty young that they tend to age poorly, and define a person, to some, as being all kinds of things that may have nothing to do with the wearer...but I don't have any problem if friends or strangers have them all over... I don't much like certain fashions in clothing either...FOR ME, but if it's meaningful to someone...their choice...some are quite beautiful...and they don't define someone to me.
    about 1 month
  • jazw profile photo
    This is the USA where we have FREEDOM. Any wishing to take freedom away r traitorous n May b happier in a communist nation. Christians can't even agree amongst selves with over 30,000 denominations all sneering n judging each other so how will they make laws based on religion -n if u read Jesus you'd know how far off base many of you are (not all - many r good folks). The ones shouting loudest about other folks sin n tryina tell folks how to live are idiots who do not know their own bible and don't know the importance of basic rights Americans have, and they Def don't know Jack about history. History repeats n has shown over n over the folly n extreme danger of that sort of thinking. Let he who is WITHOUT sin cast the first stone. God is they only judge - you don't know his plan n the worst sinner may be exactly where God wants am at this time (If u believe in predestiny n all that). Jesus ate with n helped n loved the sinners n he HATED hippocrites. I can go on n on. . but the point is if u want a tat u can get one. If u don't like em don't get one. If u don't like mine Or anyone else's, well it's not ur body n maybe I think your hairstyle is ugly or someone else thinks you dress like a slut or maybe someone doesn't appreciate how you drive too fast etc etc etc. In other words it's none of your business. Tattoos often appear on very intelligent, hard workin, loving caring generous people. People who don't try n force their beliefs on other folks . people who understand the value of freedom and that our founding fathers knew the danger of a state rules by religion n thus created separation of church n state today protect this fine nation - to protect me and YOU from persecution
    about 1 month
  • jazw profile photo
    Here we go again. If folks want tats they should have em. If u don't like em don't get em. Leave religion out of it. You can't force your beliefs on everyone else. This is the USA where we h
    about 1 month
  • vsalomaa profile photo
    tattoos should be out lawed
    about 1 month
  • villaray07 profile photo
    I feel that tattoos should be shown to pay tribute the deceased or to show reverence to something or someone immortal. Like praising Our Lord and savoir or in remembering a long lost fond relative that had a lot of influence in our lives. Abstract art does not have the importance over someone's life and times. Again that's only a personal opinion.
    2 months
  • Jaxx profile photo
    I have many tattoos, and I am not ashamed nor do I regret any of them. Although some of them hurt, depend on location. They tell of my life. Anyway that is our own decision to have or not have them.
    2 months
  • lala2x profile photo
    2 months
  • Alimackean profile photo
    I love all my tattoos and my decision to get them were very well thought out. I don't have any regrets regarding any of the decisions to get them
    3 months
  • theresakgould profile photo
    I am a Gen x 'er and most people in my generation have tattoos. I held out for a long time before I got one. I think that some tattoos look dirty. However, most of mine are not visible if I am wearing clothes. I don't think that having them makes me unattractive nor attractive. It may, however, be a conversation starter. Furthermore, I do not find someone desirable just because they have ink. I find it fascinating. Every tat tells a story(granted it may not be worth repeating) This option goes for man or woman. The only tattoo I don't like is the teardrop. Why advertise that you have killed someone. I think that is what that means. Why promote violence. that doesn't earn my respect.
    3 months
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