Tattoos - Yes or No?

Do you have a tattoo?
Do you have a tattoo?
Do you plan at some point to get a tattoo?
Where is your tattoo?
How many years have you had your tattoo?
Do you regret getting the tattoo?
Who would you most like a tattoo designed by?
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  • ckennedy1410 profile photo
    I really don't mind as long as they're not on the face.
    about 12 hours
  • ckennedy1410 profile photo
    I really don't mind as long as they're not on the face.
    about 12 hours
  • Sparkles1414 profile photo
    I think tattoos are personally rather unattractive and I would discourage people from getting them.
    about 13 hours
  • jrib profile photo
    I started getting tats when I was in my 20s and my first. 3 tats were done when I was drunk and with a homemade tat gun. I regretted them the next day when I woke up. Not a very good homemade job. But now I'm stuck with it and I'm almost 50 now. I did have a couple of them repaired by cover-up and really like them. But because I have 2 on my hands which are impossible to hide I was turned down for several jobs. So that is something to think about when you're deciding where to put your new tat!
    about 14 hours
  • yabrea profile photo
    Tatoos are o.k if they are tasteful and somewhat discrete.
    4 days
  • christineKelleyMitchell profile photo
    I would have got a tat in my younger years but, it wasn't that big back then, now both of my daughters have them and, are addicted to getting them! They have many everywhere! My son 10 years older than the girls has NONE! He did want his tongue pearced but, I told him when he was 18 he could do it, when he turned 18 he no longer wanted it! LOL
    6 days
  • trishdale profile photo
    I do not like pain so no tattoos for me! I have three kids and a niece that love getting them, they each have anywhere from 3 to 9. My niece gets one whenever she looses a love one.
    9 days
  • Rednecksnob profile photo
    I have 5. 1 is a small tiny pair if feet in both sides of my belly button. I never wanted one, but my ex did and so I got him one for his birthday. We get there and he says he's not doing it if I don't... I gave in and got something I'd never seen on anyone. 2nd was tribal dragon fly on my lower back after my divorce. 3rd on my foot is a rebel flag banner with my son and my exes two sons in it. 4th is an original deer head on my right thigh. 5th is a no loitering sign right above my who-who.
    15 days
  • johnkessler profile photo
    Love tattoos
    21 days
  • SugarShock2 profile photo
    I love my tat, and would like to get another one!
    about 1 month
  • cobaltblue2474 profile photo
    I have eight tattoos. My most recent one says survivor for going through breast cancer. I have one on my arm that i regret but im stuck with it. Some people are judgemental about people with tattoos. We are all our own person, do what makes you happy. If that means getting a tattoo go for it. Dont be influenced by others.
    about 1 month
  • hairsbessi profile photo
    I dont have tatoos but I love them. One day maybe.
    about 1 month
  • MSurb485 profile photo
    I got mine for a friend that died in high school. It is a Memento Mori of sorts.
    about 1 month
  • Woodred profile photo
    Most the males and females in my large family love tattoos we also have about a handful of gifted tattoo artists in the family along with dear life long friends who are truly gifted when it comes to designing and giving tattoos... the ones that are still developing them selves, well their style so to speak are very talented and they don't. Over charge prices when doing work on family, friends, and friends of friends even strangers get a brake ..They love what they do and enjoy having their work out there.. I am a man who loves getting ink work done just my wife loves tattoos especially on me!! Tattoos are a incredible way of displaying a part of who one is as well as what holds meaning to an individual, my wife believes that they reveal not just ones character but a deeper side too a person and you only have to be perceptive and open minded..
    about 1 month
  • EmilyN profile photo
    I have one tattoo. It's on my hip and stretches to my upper thigh. The tatto is of two butterflies on a branch with a banner running through with my two daughters' names. I am planning to get more tattoos. I am going to add my son's name and another butterfly. As well as the adoption symbol.
    about 1 month
  • redhaired_aries profile photo
    I feel pain easily and I would probably be allergic to the ink (knowing me), Tattoos just aren't for me. But, I do not disagree with them. I think tasteful ones are preferred for professionals (lawyers, etc.) or employees of professional companies when it comes to visible tattoos. Otherwise, it doesn't matter to me what ink based designs people put on their bodies. And as long as it isn't forced on a child - abuse wise. I also think a child should wait until they are older, like late teens so they can be old enough and responsible enough for a such a permanent decision. The exception would be bereavement, eg; something simple regarding a lost sibling or parent.
    about 1 month
  • Intrigue profile photo
    As an artist, I can appreciate tattoos in general, but a permanent one was never for me. I like being a chameleon in my looks so I opt for temp tattoos, preferably airbrushed or henna. The only other issue is that even though I like tattoos, I am picky about where they are placed/subject and how big they are. The whole "coloring book" look doesn't do it for me.
    about 1 month
  • mcgrath profile photo
    My tattoo is for the little boy I lost. 8days after being born he was a tween
    2 months
  • N-Jay profile photo
    Love tattoos
    2 months
  • SUSYSALINAS profile photo
    I dont like tattoos!
    2 months
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