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Out of all of Wednesday 13's bands...which are the best?

05/23/2012 Music 114 0 By: mayle1989

Rick Ross or Meek Mill

04/29/2012 Music 68 0 By: g17_55

Bieber vs. GaGa who has the best fans?

07/01/2012 Music 484 4 By: MZuck

What summer festival is better?

05/10/2012 Music 119 0 By: mayle1982

Who do you like better?

04/09/2012 Music 10 0 By: mayle1982

who is the better rock band?

04/12/2012 Music 40 2 By: mayle1982

who is better? Eminem or Lil Wayne?

04/29/2012 Music 102 0 By: rynoty123

Do you think Selena Gomez is a good singer?

04/14/2012 Music 59 0 By: drew11