Cheaper By the (Baker's) Dozen

Are you familiar with the book or movie "Cheaper By the Dozen"?

The book was a biography of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth who raised 12 children while having distinguished careers as engineers and efficiency experts. Were you aware that they actually had 13 children, but one girl was stillborn?

Lillian Moller Gilbreth worked closely with her husband, an industrial engineer, becoming the first person to combine psychology with industrial engineering. After Frank passed away, she continued working on her own while raising their 11 surviving children. Among her achievements was designing nearly everything in modern kitchens, from the butter tray, electric can opener, the height of countertops and the foot pedal trash can. She also was a trailblazer in modern management practices, working as a consultant for companies like Johnson & Johnson, Macy's, GE, and even President Hoover. Were you aware of her professional achievements?

I was ignorant of her professional work, which was mostly washed out of the most recent movie version of Cheaper by the Dozen until I listened to an episode of "The History Chicks" podcast. Now I am eager to learn more about the life of this remarkable woman. Do you have any sources that you use to discover new topics to study?

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