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What is your opinion on legislation of drugs

1. Do you think all drugs should be legal? Some say my body I can do what I want with it.

Only Marijuana should be legal
681 votes
Legalize across the board. My body I can do as I wish
313 votes
All drugs including marijuana should not be legal
651 votes
555 votes
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  • once is legal, still, the people who makes money with it will fight for it...but...can help
  • Stop criminalizing drugs.
  • I've never used an illegal drug...I'm not even sure if I would know marijuana if I saw or smelled it.

2. Should more states follow what Portland Oregon has done towards arrests on drug possession? Oregonians overwhelmingly passed Measure 110 that makes possession of small amounts of cocaine, heroin, LSD and methamphetamine, among other drugs, punishable by a civil citation — akin to a parking ticket — and a $100 fine. That fee can get waived if you get a health screening from a recovery hotline.

1,020 votes
1,180 votes
What is your opinion on Portland, Oregon’s stance regarding drug arrests?
  • The crime rate is climbing there... There's a connection.
  • It's too lenient.
  • Good for them
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