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I'm interested in what people can share about this subject we all have done and will continue to do for millenia. The answer my friends is 'blowing in the wind'.

1. When you fart, do you mainly ' let er' rip' with a force from inside making sure it can be heard loud and clear? you try harder to do the: "sneaky assasin" type farts?..which make no noise (are the silent type), but sometimes can smell the deadliest

I proudly 'sound the trumpets', making an obvious and loud statement with the gas i must pass
243 votes
I try to pass my 'gas' incognito ( very discretely) trying not to be noticed.
1,002 votes
A bit of both ( sounds of the symphony...and the silent but deadly type).
721 votes

2. When in public, has it happened to you that your fart is so putrid smelling that you try and be as quick as possible to leave the area as to not get noticed...Or, you just stare at other strangers around with a disgusted look on your face, as though you thought it was them?

If I let out one of the smelliest of farts in public, I basically accelerate my rhythm in order to leave the store as soon as possible due to the embarrising foul odor which has escaped my behind.
1,021 votes
When I 'drop' the bomb, letting go one of the smelliest farts in public, I just stare at others in disgust as if they did it, and accept no responsibility for the rude but unevitable act of nature.
448 votes
I could'nt care less about what people think, even if I just farted out loud or silent..and smell like the sewer..or better yet rotten eggs!
497 votes

3. Has it ever happened that you farted and the result was 'an accident' in your underpants, leaving a brownish or yellowish stain?

Yes, of course! It is just a natural disaster, no shame there.
420 votes
No, and even if it did, I will never admit to it anyways!
455 votes
Yes and I admit I felt awkward.
308 votes
No, I have always made it to the bathroom intime just in case!
783 votes

4. Do you find it amusing and funny when you or someone else farts? Or do you feel ashamed/embarassed and try to act as if nothing happened hoping people don't notice?

I find it hillarious and amusing, and basically profit from the moment by making the silliest sounds I can while passing my gas!
363 votes
I feel silly and embarassed and act like nothing happened!
628 votes
I feel neutral. Besides, farting is just a part of shame there!
975 votes

5. Last but not least, have you any funny stories involving farting in public (at a funeral, library, or church during mass) that you would be willing to share in the comments below?

Yes, I have a few moments in mind of some pretty silly fart moments.
335 votes
No, just the regular passing of gas which is something I would rather not discuss.
1,052 votes
598 votes
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