Frequently Asked Questions


How can I receive reward points?

Complete the following actions to earn points in your account:

   Create  your account                             

100 pts.

  Provide other information - up to   

200 pts.

   Refer a friend                                  

 25 pts

   Answer a survey                 

 5-15 pts.

  Create an approved public survey                

10-20 pts.

   Answer a business survey                 

10 pts. and up

► In order to receive your points you must verify your email address.

► Tellwut only allows one account per household.  Additional accounts per household will be suspended and related rewards forfieted.

► All public surveys are reviewed by Tellwut before publication.

► You may post 2 surveys within a one week period.  Approved Survey publishers may post more.

 Referral points are credited once the referred voter member creates and verifies their account.

► Rewards point offering may change at any time.


Why did my survey not get approved?

Your survey may not have been approved because of the following reasons:

►Someone has already asked the same question

► Someone has already asked a very similar question to yours 

► The content of your questions may be inappropriate or unclear.

► There is a two questions a week limit. However, approved survey bloggers may be allowed more.

 For further information, please review our Terms and Conditions.


Tips for good surveys!

► Before writing you survey, use the search feature on near the top left corner of the site to make sure that your question or one similar has not been asked before

► Where possible, give your online survey some multiple choice responses. Fill in the blank sometimes tend to get garbage answers and may not be approved

► Note that there are two multiple choice question options, multiple answers allowed and only one answer allowed. Be careful to choose the correct one

► What is your favorite..? Many topics have already been asked - sport, candy, pet, music, movie, tv show, cartoon shows, etc -make it interesting with a different angle, as many of these won't get approved.

► Avoid questions which say choose between this and that - most of these will not be approved.

► Avoid slang and shorthand (i.e. u, r, etc) and define abbreviations if they are not common

► Do not type your question in all capital letters

► Don't forget to publish your survey when it’s completed! If you don't, we will think that you are still working on it

► Ask things which interest you, are topical and or are controversial.


How can I change my username?

Sure, this can be done by sending us an email to Let us know what you would like to change your username to.


How can I change my password?

Once you have logged into your account, you can change your password on the My Account page  via the “Settings” tab  or click here.


How can I change my email address?

Send us an e-mail to Let us know in the email your new email address.


How can I change my address?

Please let us know of any shipping information that needs to be changed before you redeem so we have the most up to date and accurate information before we ship your reward. Tellwut does require a form of address verification, such as government issued ID, to update your address so we can verify the address is legitimate and correctly updated in your account.  Send us an email to with your new address and scanned verification.


How can I refer a friend to Tellwut, so that I can earn points from that referral?

There are two ways to refer a friend.  One is to log in and then click the “Refer Friends” link in the big gold box right below “My Account Balance”.  The other way is to use this link and  replace “UserName” in the link string with your own user name.


How do I redeem rewards?

Click the “Rewards” tab in the gold band.  You will see the selection of rewards available. Make sure you have enough points to redeem the reward of your choosing.  Also, make sure the reward you select in available in your country.  Click the reward and you will be taken to a reward redemption page.  Click the “Redeem Reward” button and your redemption will be processed.


How long do I have to wait to receive my reward?

Your order will be fulfilled within 10 to 15 days from redemption. Shipping times will vary depending on your location. Your order will be mailed to the address within your account. When you receive a confirmation email that your order has been processed, please check the shipping information for your corresponding product.


Why was my account suspended?

There are a number of reasons why your account could trigger a suspension so it’s always best to email us at right away to resolve any issues.


Why was my order cancelled?

The most common reason that orders are cancelled is because the voter member is redeeming for something not available in their country. Please look at the eligibility for each gift card before selecting your choice.  We may also need a form of address verification.  If you have questions about why your order was cancelled, please contact us so we can resolve the issue.


I did not receive my order.

If you haven’t received your physical gift card and you have been waiting more than 15 business days from the date of your confirmation email, please email us at and we will contact the appropriate supplier for you. If you haven’t received your email gift card, please check your spam and junk folder. If it’s not there, email us and we can resend you the code.


I live outside the United States/ Canada. Is this panel open for me?

You are welcome to join and vote on any online surveys, however at this time, only panel members from Canada and the United States are able to redeem for rewards.


Why should I sign up to receive emails from

Each week, we send out a newsletter that has exclusive surveys and points for anyone signed up to receive promotions. This newsletter also has recent promotions and announcements from We also send out 3rd party or external survey invitations where people can take surveys outside of to receive rewards. Rewards can range up to 1,000 points along with paid survey cash offers.


I am receiving emails from and don’t want to anymore. What can I do?

If you decide you no longer want to receive emails from anymore, you can log into your account and unclick the send promotions setting. There is also an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email we send out.


Why can I only take a few surveys per day?

Tellwut is a social media network survey platform.  The general interest surveys posted by members  and Tellwut are unpaid surveys.  We have implemented a member reward level system based on a member’s overall participation.  For a member to move up to higher levels, increasing the Tellwut surveys open to you which require no qualification, entails your increased participation in the network and the taking of our third party surveys. Third Party surveys are available in your Tellwut Inbox or via email.  Please check these out and grow with us.


I completed a third party survey. Where are my points?

The majority of 3rd party (external) survey points are awarded within 5 days of the date you completed the survey. If you have not received points after 5 days, please email us at so we can look into this for you.


Where do I see my third party survey points?

3rd Party (external) online survey points can be viewed by going to your account balance page and changing the drop down menu from “all” to “Credit Adjust” or “External Surveys”.