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Going green without going broke: the many uses of Distilled White Vinegar

I like living natural, but refuse to pay crazy prices for
I like living natural, but refuse to pay crazy prices for "green products". Instead, I use vinegar to clean my home, as it is inexpensive and highly effective. Are you aware of any of the following uses for vinegar?
White distilled Vinegar is extremely inexpensive and can last a long time. I typically buy a gallon for about $3.00 and it lasts me at least 3 months. It has replaced all of my household cleaners, and has saved me a bundle. Does this make you consider using vinegar as well?
Did you know that once the vinegar is dry, the scent goes away completely? You can also add essential oils to your vinegar if you like. Now that you know that your home wont stink of vinegar, would you be more apt to try it?
Just think about the money you could save by replacing most or all of your household cleaners with white distilled vinegar! And it's environmentally friendly to boot. Do you think you might try switching to vinegar for household cleaning?
10/23/2014 Living 10 points 36 EricaLSF

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