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How Informed are You of Your Own Religion?

10/08/2012 Religion 607 8 By: koelha10

Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

10/04/2012 Religion 561 6 By: discostu77ca

Do you believe Satan is real?

10/03/2012 Religion 779 10 By: Minmin22

Do you practise Wicca?

09/18/2012 Religion 598 4 By: andit

Do you believe in exorcisms?

09/16/2012 Religion 511 5 By: blaze4545

Do you believe in The Church of Scientology?

09/09/2012 Religion 483 7 By: nj07208

Do you believe God gives us signs to help us get through life?

08/29/2012 Religion 550 6 By: Dinamarie1