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YouTube advertises big brands alongside fake cancer cure videos!

Searching YouTube across 10 languages, the BBC found more than 80 videos containing health misinformation - mainly bogus cancer cures. Ten of the videos found had more than a million views. Many were accompanied by adverts. The unproven "cures" often involved consuming specific substances, such as turmeric or baking soda. Juice diets or extreme fasting were also common themes. Some YouTubers advocated drinking donkey's milk or boiling water. None of the so-called cures offered are clinically proven to treat cancer.

Have you ever encountered a fake cancer cure video on youtube?

Do you think that most of the (independent) videos on youtube have some kind of misinformation in them?

Do you think that traditional and alternative medicine have treatments for cancer?

Do you think youtube should ban the videos that spread misinformation about fake cancer cures?

09/15/2019 Living 10 198 6 By: Tellwut
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