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Pay What You Can Grocery Store Opens

A new grocery store in Toronto is allowing customers to 'pay what they can' for the items they want. Chef Jagger Gordon says the model is based off of the idea of paying it forward. Customers can take what they need and pay what they can or pay nothing at all. Gordon says he doesn't expect to make much profit from the business and truly cares about feeding those in need. Note: Food is donated and workers are volunteers.

Are you familiar with this news story?

Are you familiar with this news story?

Do you think a pay for what you can grocery store is a good idea?

Do you think most people will pay for items, or leave the store without pay for anything?

If this opened up in your city, would you want to go there?

Do you think other stores will follow a pay what you can model?

06/18/2018 Food & Drink 10 1601 46 By: Tellwut
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