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Vatican launches $110 'click to pray' wearable rosary!

The Vatican announced the launch of the "Click to Pray eRosary" Wednesday. October is the month of the Rosary. The eRosary is an app-driven device that can be worn as a bracelet. To activate it, all you have to do is make the sign of the cross, similar to how Catholics begin praying the Rosary. Once activated, the wearer can choose between three different options to pray. There is the standard rosary, a contemplative rosary or a thematic rosary, which will be updated every year. The device shows the users progress throughout each prayer and keeps track of each rosary completed. The interactive device is a push from the church to reach tech-savvy millennials and Gen Z.

Are you a religious person?

Have you ever bought any religious accessories from any religious institution?

If you are a Christian, does the idea of an e-Rosary excite you?

Do you think that mixing technological innovation with religion can attract young people and Gen Z?

10/17/2019 Technology 10 2370 67 By: Tellwut
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