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Charlie Rose May Host A Proposed #MeToo Redemption Series

Charlie Rose faced internet wrath after the New York Post reported Wednesday evening that someone was shopping a #MeToo redemption series which would star the disgraced CBS anchor. Per the Post, the plan would call for Rose to interview various men who have seen their careers toppled in the sexual harassment reckoning that has whipped around media, Hollywood and politics. The Page Six report said some of the possible interview subjects included Louis C.K and Matt Lauer. Writing for the Post, Ian Mohr said that Vanity Fair and Daily Beast alum Tina Brown had been approached to produce the potential series but had turned it down.

Are you interested in watching a Me Too series?

Is Charlie Rose, the veteran TV host who was accused of sexual misconduct by 17 women, is a good fit to be the host of this program?

Have you been sexually harassed in the workplace?

04/27/2018 TV 5 203 1 By: Tellwut
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