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Mom asks if she's 'overreacting' about a Target dress
1. Michigan mom Meghan Mayer was shopping at Target when she saw an outfit in the girls' clothing section that gave her pause. At first glance the dress appeared modest: It's a smock-style patterned dress with balloon sleeves. But when Mayer took a closer look, she noticed there were side cutouts at the waist. "I am a little bit more conservative when it comes to my kids' clothing, so maybe I'm overreacting, but let me know what you think of these dresses," Mayer, a seventh grade teacher, said. TikTok was divided, with comments like "I think retailers are trying to mature our kids too fast. I agree with mom!" and "I disagree. I think the cutouts are so cute and I would buy that for my 8 yr old. It doesn't look that big once you put it on." Do you think this dress is inappropriate for children? It's hard to see but there are cutouts on the side.
2. According to Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a parenting and youth development expert, this is an issue about consent. "When you show skin, you're accidentally giving consent for people to think about your undressed body in different ways," Gilboa tells "So I would explain to my kids, before you reach a certain age, it's actually my consent. And I'm not willing to send a silent message to other people that I'm cool with them thinking about your naked hips or tummy." At what age do you think it is appropriate for kids to decide what they wear?
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