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Majority of Canadians don't want Ottawa to bring back detained ISIS fighters: Ipsos poll!

A clear majority of Canadians do not want the government to do anything to bring back ISIS fighters detained abroad. In a poll conducted exclusively for Global News, Ipsos asked respondents whether they supported the position that “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, and that Canada should do what it can to bring Canadian nationals home to Canada, even if they’ve been fighting for ISIS.” Only 29 per cent agreed with the statement. In contrast, 71 per cent said “we should not do anything to help bring these Canadians back to Canada.”

Are you aware of North American Citizens that have joined ISIS?

As Global's Stewart Bell has reported, five male Canadians are detained in Syria for allegedly fighting with ISIS. Another 11 women and roughly two dozen children are also detained. But not a single one has been charged Do you think that detaining them from the country removes the danger?

If a detained citizen of your country wants to come back. do you think your government should give them a second chance?

10/19/2019 Politics 10 1924 59 By: Tellwut
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