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James Corden faces backlash for 'culturally offensive' segment mocking Asian foods

Corden has long played the "Spill Your Guts" game with guests in which they can choose to either answer an uncomfortable question or eat a "gross" food.

Do you watch the James Cordon show?

In the recurring segment, Corden presents his celebrity guests with foods he calls "gross" or "horrific" in the description. They have to either eat the food or answer a personal question. Have you seen this segment before?

Cordon is facing backlash for a 2016 segment which featured Balut. "I noticed that one of the foods that he presented to someone was balut (a fertilized duck egg that is boiled and eaten from the shell), and balut is like, very specific to Filipino culture," California resident Kim Saira explained. "It's a food that I have been eating whenever I go to the Philippines with my grandma and my cousins, so it's a very sentimental food to me, and I noticed that he was presenting it to a guest and calling it gross." The fertilization process for balut ranges from 16-20 days. So, that means inside this fertilized duck egg is an embryo that is about a week short of hatching. This far in the development process the embryo will have feathers and a beak.  Have you ever heard of balut?

Cordon has also come under fire for featuring insects in his segments as well. "James freaking out over Chrissy eating the worm … she's half Thai, she's gone to street markets, it's quite common for South East Asian street markets to sell fried insects," one person noted in the YouTube comments. Do you think because these foods are common in other countries , it is racist to present these foods as gross?

If you had to eat one of these foods or tell the story of your most embarrassing moment, what would you choose?

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