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US will ban WeChat and TikTok downloads on Sunday

The Commerce Department plans to restrict access to TikTok and WeChat on Sunday as the Trump administration's executive orders against the two apps are set to take effect. While users who have already downloaded the apps may be able to continue using the software, the restrictions mean updated versions of the apps cannot be downloaded.

Do you use either of the two apps?

Do you use either of the two apps?

Some critics question why he is targeting an app such as TikTok that is largely used by teenagers, but experts said that the data the app gathers on its users threatened US security. Do you ever get worried about the personal information some apps might collect from you?

Do you think the government should be able to control what apps Apple store and Google store offer?

Are you worried about the precedent that this sets, as the government may ban other apps they don't agree with?

09/19/2020 News 10 1396 46 By: Tellwut
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