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Controversial Items Sold At Antique Store

A jewish couple living in Halifax were shocked to find an antique store that carried badges and medals marked with swastikas. When they confronted the salesperson, their response was that the items are part of history. The couple believe the items should be removed and placed in a museum. The store owner of the store has commented, "Those items are reminders of a very difficult time in our world history [...] And yes, history is complicated, and sometimes it's offensive and uncomfortable. I do not feel history should be censored." What do you think?

Are you familiar with this news story?

Are you familiar with this news story?

Have you ever been antique shopping?

Would you be interested in purchasing antique relics that have a racial history?

Do you think racial symbols should be sold at antique stores?

Overall, do you think the owner should remove the items?

05/28/2018 Living 10 222 5 By: Tellwut
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