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The cultural stigma around women's periods!

In Ethiopia and many other parts of the world menstruation is still considered taboo. According to UNICEF, the subject is generally not taught in schools and most girls never discuss it with another person. Disposable sanitary products are very expensive and often unavailable, so nearly 75% of Ethiopian women and girls don't have access to the menstrual supplies they need to manage their periods.

Do you feel like talking about women's periods is a taboo in your community?

In you opinion, is it important for the school teachers to educate high-school students about women's periods?

If you are a parent, how easy is it for you to discuss about sensitive issues (e.g. sex education etc.) with your child/children?

If you are a parent, what is the age of your child/children? Select all the age groups that apply

12/08/2019 Parenting 10 2727 58 By: Tellwut
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