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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Made To Leave Restaurant

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant she was dinning at with her family. The co-owner of the restaurant Red Hen asked Sanders to leave due to her affiliation with the Trump administration. The co-owner said that employees at the restaurant felt uncomfortable with Sanders being there and wanted her to leave. Note: Sanders was spoken to in private and left the premises.

Are you familiar with this news story?

Do you think restaurant owners have the right to ask politicians/government staffers to leave if they do not agree with their moral convictions?

Do you think more restaurant owners will choose to ask politicians they don't agree with to leave their business?

Many journalists in the media claim Sarah Sanders is not honest. Do you think she is honest?

06/24/2018 Politics 10 447 30 By: Tellwut
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