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Amazon says it may fire workers who violate social distancing guidelines!

Amazon said it may begin firing employees who "intentionally violate" the company's social distancing guidelines, despite complaints from workers who say the demands of their job make it impossible to comply with the policy.

If you go to buy groceries, do you see that the employees there are practicing social distancing?

Amazon (AMZN) said those who deliberately violate social distancing guidelines will receive up to two warnings before, in some cases, being fired. The company's guidelines call for a distance between individuals of six feet. Do you think that employees deserve two warnings before getting fired for violating social distancing policy?

Do you feel that social distancing (six feet apart) is an effective preventive measure for COVID-19?

Do you think social distancing should also be followed within homes among family members?

04/08/2020 Living 10 340 6 By: Tellwut
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