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Tellwut Top Picks! - Fight a Cold by eating Yogurt

This winter, there's a good chance you might be looking for anything and everything to rid yourself of an annoying, lingering and sometimes debilitating cold. Mickey Rubin, vice president of nutrition research for the National Dairy Council said that "There are some things (in yogurt) we can point to that, in theory, would be beneficial." yogurt is full of probiotics, which can help boost the immune system, according to Kristi L. King, a senior registered dietitian at Texas Children's Hospital and a national spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Yogurt also contains another immune booster: zinc. Research indicates that zinc can reduce the duration of cold symptoms.

Would you eat yogurt (instead of regular cold medicine) to fight your cold/flu?

08/20/2019 Trivia 5 2850 63 By: Tellwut
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