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Do you love going to the Bank?

America's banks have rapidly shut down branches over the past decade to slash costs and adapt to a world in which deposits can be made on smartphones. The number of US bank branches has shrunk by more than 3,000 since 2010. Yet new research suggests banks should think twice before they shut down their next bank branch: Many customers, especially younger ones, still regularly rely on physical banks to make deposits, get paper money and even pay bills. Seventy-two percent of GenZ consumers visit a physical bank branch at least monthly.

Do you have a bank account?

Do you use online banking to manage your cash flow effectively?

Do you enjoy visiting a physical bank to pay your bills/deposit money?

If yes, do you take your children/grand children with you so that they can learn about banking, in general?

Which of the following do you prefer in terms of convenience?

11/21/2019 Business 10 2690 50 By: Tellwut
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