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Banana Republic joins the clothing rental craze!

Rent the Runway upended retail by offering women designer clothes to rent. Now, a wave of leading brands and department stores are following with their own online clothing rental subscriptions to reach younger shoppers who want to borrow their pants, shirts and dresses. Banana Republic said Friday that it will launch an online rental service for women in September. The monthly subscription, "Style Passport," will cost $85 a month and women can rent three different pieces from the brand at a time. Customers will be able to choose from around 100 different styles a month and can opt to buy any of the items. Banana Republic says it plans to add a rental program for men in the future.

Are you aware of the clothing rental programs being offered by urban retail stores?

Do you think people will subscribe to these retail stores just to rent branded clothes?

Do you think the idea of having subscription programs for people who can not afford branded clothes is appropriate?

Would you consider subscribing to branded rental clothing, knowing that these clothes have been used by some one else before?

08/17/2019 Living 10 1877 41 By: Tellwut
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