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Are your children safe in the new world of Smart Assistants? (Google Home, Amazon Alexa etc.)

Amazon has been accused again of violating children's privacy with its Alexa-powered smart speakers. Two lawsuits filed this week claim the company fails to get consent from kids when it records them using its smart assistant.

Do you use any smart assistant technology (eg. Google home, Echo etc.) in your house?

Did incorporating a smart assistant made your life at home easier?

Do you think that these technological products record your voice and conversations?

Echo Dot Kids is the latest smart assistant product released by Amazon exclusively for kids, do you think that Amazon markets smart assistant to kids so that hey can sell their data to companies that make products for kids (eg. toys)?

Do you think that smart assistant technology products should be certified by the government before being released in the market?

06/15/2019 Technology 10 2880 54 By: Tellwut
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