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Do you believe that God only gives you what you can handle?

08/13/2012 Religion 631 9 By: tambryant

Does the religion of your doctor matter to you?

08/06/2012 Religion 406 5 By: goose373

Have you read the Bible from cover to cover??

07/30/2012 Religion 518 9 By: 1957horses

Do you believe in Karma?

07/25/2012 Religion 321 1 By: socalilatina

Do you believe in the Rapture at the end of the world?

07/26/2012 Religion 419 5 By: debyoung

Do you agree with the separation of Church and State?

07/20/2012 Religion 357 5 By: kaitrodamus

Do you believe that JESUS CHRIST is you Saviour??

07/19/2012 Religion 322 9 By: 1957horses

Kirpans... yay or nay

07/16/2012 Religion 307 8 By: kaylapanchmatia