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What is your go to smartphone/OS choice?

03/24/2020 Technology 2662 21 By: MicheleMyHell

IBM wants to make computers fluent in human!

03/16/2020 Technology 3120 27 By: Tellwut

Virtual Reality Is Changing Live Music Experience!

02/29/2020 Technology 3175 114 By: Tellwut

Social Medias: Is it really worth it?

02/28/2020 Technology 2581 69 By: Racine81

Do you still use internet explorer? ( browser )

02/23/2020 Technology 2761 40 By: Lenaschlamp

Flying Like Iron Man Will Be Possible In Near Future!

02/21/2020 Technology 3312 43 By: Tellwut

If I had needed to call 911, I would be dead by now

02/10/2020 Technology 2708 90 By: gaylegarden16