Online Market Research

Combine Tellwut’s Dynamic Survey Tool and Qualified Panel

Regardless of what field you’re in, look no further when combining Tellwut’s dynamic survey tools with qualified survey responses. Tellwut is a one-stop shop which provides Do-It-Yourself (DIY) online market research options to help you effectively gain insights with simplicity and convenience at a reasonable cost. Whether if you are a beginner or expert, Tellwut’s Self Survey Solutions option provides you all the tools you need for start-up, corporate, and academic research initiatives. Thanks to Tellwut’s Self Survey Solutions, you will receive the benefits of:

  • Instant access to all tools to help you project manage your research in-house
  • Instant access to a qualified and diversified panel to support all your research objectives
  • Panel top-up capabilities to provide you flexibility on sample size
  • Real time survey results to help you stay on pace of deadlines
  • Technical support for creating an effective survey youself
  • An optimized platform for compatibility of mobile and desktop devices
  • Digital branding functions which include embedded widgets, exit linking, and multi-media modules

DIY online market research is necessary for making better business decisions. Here are a few important scenarios which would require Tellwut’s Self Survey Solutions option:

Launching a Business

The first phase of starting a business requires an effective plan. Your business plan needs to include industry analysis, competitive landscapes, marketing strategy, and consumer behavior. Tellwut’s market research will provide you data to help you prepare a dynamic business plan before you launch your business.

Consumer Behavior

Who are your customers? What do they like/dislike? How old are they? Tap into the minds of your consumers to determine what they are looking for to help you connect your products and services to their needs. You can create the questions you need to ask in a detailed or snapshot format to gain the necessary insights from individuals that fit your product market.

Effective Product Marketing

Find out key ingredients in marketing your dynamic product or service. Using Tellwut’s survey platform will give you access to what individuals think of your particular product and if there are other needs that they require from your product lines. This will help you gather the data you need in creating an effective marketing campaign.

Competitor Data

Are you struggling in the marketplace? Gathering competitor data may be necessary to help you keep up with your competition. Using Tellwut’s market research platform will allow you to ask our panels questions about vital competitor information and to uncover what improvements are required from your business to help you stay on pace.

Boosting Company Morale

Employee data can be just as important as consumer data. Consider gaining as much feedback from your employees and stakeholders to ensure they are in a positive work environment. Performing surveys to employees can also help you uncover some new products and services since they are the face of your company. Your employees and colleagues will have significant

Academic Research

Market Research is strongly needed in the educational field. It is important that semester and class targets while effectively keeping your program curriculum current and relevant while analyzing trends in the educational market. Many factors may affect such as the economy, tuition fees, and preliminary testing are competitive factors that affect your institution and the most efficient market

Thesis Research Projects

As a student you want to gain the best results and accuracy when conducting various academic projects. Such projects such as independent studies, capstone research, and thesis’s are necessary to master before launching your career. Tellwut’s market research platform will help exceed in some of the most critical academic projects.