Trump recently mocked DeSantis for the pronunciation of his last name and referred to the Florida governor as "Ron DeSanctimonious," a nickname the former president frequently uses. "I think it's so petty. I think it's so juvenile. I don't think that's what voters want," DeSantis told Jack Heath on "The Pulse of New Hampshire." Does it bother you when politicians call each other names?
Yes, it's petty and juvenile
967 votes
No, it's just part of the political process
186 votes
I don't pay any attention to it either way
327 votes
Not Applicable
120 votes
DeSantis told Heath that Trump's behavior is one of the reasons why he lost the 2020 presidential election. "Honestly, I think that his conduct, which he's been doing for years now, I think that's one of the reasons he's not in the White House now because I think he alienated too many voters for things that really don't matter," DeSantis said. Do you agree with DeSantis?
817 votes
313 votes
285 votes
Not Applicable
185 votes
Would you be more or less likely to vote for a politician who was calling other politicians names in the media?
More likely
42 votes
Less likely
880 votes
It would not affect my vote
446 votes
Other (please specify)
23 votes
Not Applicable
209 votes
Other Answers Percentage Votes
0.36% 5
It's a lot of BS. I would not vote for a man who has no experience on that job because you cannot get experience on the job if you are president. Trump is a fool that runs his mouth off, and everything he says, is senseless or a lie. 0.07% 1
I don't vote anyways, so I wouldn't care. 0.07% 1
stricks amd stones will break my bones but words wil never hurt 0.07% 1
depends on how strongly i believed in his policies 0.07% 1
It would depend very heavily on what I thought he/she would actually DO in office. 0.07% 1
If they are all doing it... 0.07% 1
idk 0.07% 1
Depends on the names and context 0.07% 1
Depends on his platform 0.07% 1
Adults are supposed to act like adults since running such a great country such as ours is a huge undertaking and responsibility. We need people that are responsible 0.07% 1
It's don't matter to me when I like someone it stays that way 0.07% 1
not everything reported is true 0.07% 1
Heck, if only he could read what some here call him... 0.07% 1
Depends whose running on either side 0.07% 1
I certainly wouldn't vote for either of these sick and dangerous men. 0.07% 1
It depends. I don’t actually think DeSantimonious is a big deal 0.07% 1
I wouldn't vote for a Republican no matter what they were saying or doing. 0.07% 1
No one knows juvenile better than conservatives 0.07% 1
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