U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services proposes that the new test adds a speaking section to evalaute English skills. An officer would show photos of ordinary scenarios – like daily activities, weather or food – and ask the applicant to verbally describe the photos. In the current test, an officer evaluates speaking ability during the naturalization interview by asking personal questions the applicant has already answered in the naturalization paperwork. Which do you think the U.S. Citizenship should involve?
A speaking section where the applicant has to verbally describe photos
705 votes
A speaking section where the applicant has to answer personal questions they have already answered in the naturalization paperwork (so keep it the same)
603 votes
A speaking section where the applicant has to answer personal questions they have NOT already answered in the naturalization paperwork
687 votes
Other (please specify)
42 votes
Not Applicable
332 votes
Other Answers Percentage Votes
0.20% 4
No speaking section 0.15% 3
no speech 0.05% 1
just speak English 0.05% 1
speaking shouldn't be required - anyone that is deaf or otherwise unable will create complications. 0.05% 1
We do not have an official language so there should not be a speaking part at all. 0.05% 1
Speak English 0.05% 1
Every Damn One of Them Should be Deported Back to Thier Country, and BIDEN and HARRIS With Them!!!! 0.05% 1
ALL ABOVE 0.05% 1
none of the above 0.05% 1
Speak English and read English 0.05% 1
Not sure 0.05% 1
Prove proficiency in English like they always did before, they have to want to assimilate to our culture and leave the beastiality in the 3rd world country you came from and a thorough understanding of our constitution, no citizenship without assimil 0.05% 1
Combo of all 3 0.05% 1
no speaking sections 0.05% 1
Waive or modify the speaking section for disabled applicants (e.g. deaf) 0.05% 1
There should be NO speaking section 0.05% 1
None 0.05% 1
Recite the Pledge of Allegiance in English. Also, read out loud the Bill of Rights in English. 0.05% 1
Emergency response questions, "what is 911?" "Where is emergency medical available?" "Where is Food available for food bank recipients?" 0.05% 1
Provide verbal answers showing an understanding of how the Constitution works. 0.05% 1
and speak english 0.05% 1
Idk 0.05% 1
Unsure 0.05% 1
All of the above 0.05% 1
Do you speak English?? 0.05% 1
A section where the applicant has to carry on a typical day to day conversation; topics are not know ahead of time. 0.05% 1
don't know 0.05% 1
I really don't know, maybe a combination of all these things. Random and different for each 0.05% 1
All questions, no excuse. 0.05% 1
none America shoul be multi lingual 0.05% 1
If it's clear there is no language barrier to not make that part of the test. 0.05% 1
Have to be able to speak English 0.05% 1
A writing section where they must prove they can read and write text and scripts and have a general working knowledge of computers 0.05% 1
This seems like a devious way to keep people out and its horrible 0.05% 1
What problem is this supposed to solve? 0.05% 1
Leave it a written test 0.05% 1
Another proposed change would make the civics section on U.S. history and government multiple-choice instead of the current oral short-answer format. A current civics question has an officer asking the applicant to name a war fought by the U.S. in the 1900s. The applicant only needs to say one out of five acceptable answers – World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War or Gulf War – to get the question right. But in the proposed multiple-choice format, the applicant must know all five of the wars fought by the U.S. in the 1900s in order to select the one correct answer. Do you agree with the proposed change?
577 votes
400 votes
421 votes
Not Applicable
202 votes
Do you think the citizenship test should be harder?
632 votes
412 votes
406 votes
Not Applicable
150 votes
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