Would you try any of these eclipse themed foods?
Blackened Burger (Driftwood, Texas)- Driftwood's Vista Brewing is preparing a total solar eclipse wagyu burger. The burger comes on a squid ink bun while toppings include black garlic aioli and a wasabi pub cheese made with the brewery's Dark Skies black pilsner.
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Totality Wings (Buffalo, New York)- On each chicken wing, "Wing King" Drew Cerza overlays Weber's honey mustard with a dark barbecue sauce — a combination that holds up under any sky.
540 votes
Eclipse Chips (Tiffin, Ohio) - Ohio-based snack brand Ballreich pairs white cheddar with black pepper for a celestial-inspired flavor.
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Cosmic Cookies (Syracuse, New York and Dallas, Texas)-Syracuse bakery Cathy's Cookie Kitchen plays with a buttercream sun and a chocolate shadow, while Dallas bakery Savor Patisserie imprints the eclipse's image onto vanilla macarons.
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Moon Pies (Austin, Texas) - On April 7 and 8, Austin's Tiny Pies is putting its own spin on the All-American treat. The bakery's moon pies come coated in Callebaut dark chocolate and topped with a white chocolate crescent moon.
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Rising Sun Pizza (Bloomington, Indiana) - With both an eclipse-themed brunch and dinner menu, FARMBloomington highlights a pie's potential. Standouts include the "No Sunlight" bianca pizza and a bacon and egg "House of the Rising Sun."
377 votes
Sun and Moon Pancakes (Niagara Falls, New York) - Marketside Restaurant in Niagara Falls serves a standard short stack, with one caveat--the top pancake is chocolate.
539 votes
Celestial Conchas (Buffalo, New York) - At Buffalo's WNY Empanadas, the eclipse takes the form of specialty conchas: a crackly and sweet Mexican bread. The sun — also known as pastry cream filling — just barely peeks out from inside a dark craquelin made of corn husk ash.
290 votes
Solar Donuts (Liberty Township, Ohio) - One donut can represent either the sun or the moon, but The Donut Dude's box of seven depicts the eclipse's progression. Raspberry, white cream, and custard donuts flank both sides of a chocolate custard-filled donut, leading up to — and out of — totality.
653 votes
Dark and Light Chocolate (Rochester, New York) -Rochester's Laughing Gull Chocolates capitalizes on shades of white and dark in its eclipse collection. The shop offers a totality chocolate duo, as well as bars imprinted with eclipse art.
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