Weird food mashups! Which would you try?
Oreo and Ritz Mashup-the mashup will feature a Rtiz cracker, then peanut butter, then Oreo creme, then the Oreo cookie as one whole cookie. A spokesperson explained that "this very limited-edition combo" would be released exclusively at starting at 12 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 26. To score a pack, all you have to do is pay $3.95 to cover the shipping.
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Ikea Meatball Donut-Ikea West Chester has partnered with Travel Butler County to get in the donut day spirit with its own unorthodox pastry. The result is an Ikea-inspired donut "featuring a light and fluffy base, lingonberry glaze, lingonberry sauce" before being "topped with a delectable Ikea meatball or plant-based ball."
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Pepsi Pizza-a pizza topped with cola-infused pepperonis. The final recipe replaced pepperoni's usual water content with a reduction of Pepsi Zero Sugar resulting in "a delightfully sweet and citrusy Pepsi kick [that] complements the salty, fatty, umami flavors of smoked pepperoni." The Pepsi-Roni Pizza was only available, for free, for one day only (Friday, May 20) at a single pizza shop: Made in New York Pizza West Village
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Goldfish Cracker and Old Bay- Launching this month as a limited-edition summer snack, Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish are an official collaboration between the beloved Baltimore-based seasoning brand and the Pepperidge Farm snack line.
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Miller Lite Beercoal- this one isn't food but still interesting! Miller Lite is releasing "the first-ever Miller Lite-infused charcoal". When burned, this special charcoal releases the taste of Miller Lite wrapping whatever you're grilling in a smokey beer blanket suitable for summer," they write.
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Lay's Flavour Mashups-Lay's is launching the ultimate snack of the summer! For the first time ever, Lay's has taken its most popular flavours and combined them with some of the biggest names in snacking to create three NEW iconic flavour combinations. The 3 flavours are Lay's Ketchup + Cheetos Cheese, Lay's Dill Pickle + Smartfood White Cheddar and Lay's Bar-B-Q + Doritos Sweet Chili Heat!
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