Nearly half of respondents (48%) are extremely willing or very willing to change their lifestyle to reduce climate change that they contribute to. Would you be willing to change your lifestyle to reduce climate change ? For example eating less meat, driving less, using green energy etc.
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475 votes
23% believe there is still time to reverse climate change; while 7% said the time for reversal is over. Another 10% disagree or strongly disagree that climate change is happening at all. What do you think?
There is still time to reverse the climate change
1102 votes
The time for reversal is over
469 votes
Climate change is not happening
398 votes
Other (please specify)
131 votes
Other Answers Percentage Votes
1.62% 34
n/a 0.33% 7
NA 0.24% 5
undecided 0.14% 3
not sure 0.10% 2
I do not know 0.10% 2
It’s a natural occurrence that you cannot change. 0.05% 1
No matter what we do the climate is going to change. It has always changed. 0.05% 1
Apparently you can 'prove' every point of view with science. We may as well do our best to change in case that's what's happening. It could all be part of the natural rhythm of the planet. The temperature has changed from hot to very cold throughout 0.05% 1
Climate change has been going on for millions of years. 0.05% 1
Until China and India are on board, there's no point. 0.05% 1
Stop the insanity.. nother nature is in control 0.05% 1
Climate change is real!!! 0.05% 1
What’s done is done however you can do what you can to not keep making it worse 0.05% 1
Climate change is natural earth cycle. 0.05% 1
climate changes every day, always has and always will, duh! Hello this is not new 0.05% 1
The climate has been always changing forever 0.05% 1
The atmosphere is getting hotter and we can't do anything about it. 0.05% 1
Neyt 0.05% 1
A little of all 3 0.05% 1
Climate change is also happening due to reasons outside of what humans contribute but we can be smart about what we do 0.05% 1
climate always changes 0.05% 1
I think if everyone would pitch in we probably couldn't changeit but I think we could at least slow it down 0.05% 1
Climate change has been happening for eons. It runs in cycles. Then propaganda saying it's because of what we are going her eon earth is just a control mechanism of the populace and a way to make more rules, regs and money for governments. Shame! 0.05% 1
blah 0.05% 1
Honestly I don't know about "climate change" I do agree things are different. 0.05% 1
Not as bad as you say 0.05% 1
climate change is winter,summer, spring and fall 0.05% 1
Climate change is a natural phenomenon 0.05% 1
It is a natural cyclical happening of the earth. 0.05% 1
Climate change has been happening for thousands of years. Stop trying to scare the public just so the politicians and big business can control everything you do 0.05% 1
We can delay climate change 0.05% 1
stuck but can stop worsening 0.05% 1
All of it can't be reversed but a lot can be done to improve, slow down, help climate change. 0.05% 1
It has changed itself and it will change itself again and again 0.05% 1
We can't stop climate change. It's been changing for millions of years. We can, however, slow it down some by changing our behaviors.n 0.05% 1
we can't change it 0.05% 1
Climate change is natural not man-made. 0.05% 1
over the years, depending on when you start measuring, it has gotten warmer and colder.. Change occurs naturally and nothing you will do will change it. 0.05% 1
The climate has been changing ever since Earth was formed. It's a natural function of the planet. 0.05% 1
Climate change is real, but I'm not sure if its reversible. Nevertheless, it can certainly get worse if behavior doesn't change. 0.05% 1
dont know 0.05% 1
Climate change is natural and happens in cycles. We cannot change it, we have to adapt. 0.05% 1
intentionally ruining the air & water & foods 0.05% 1
we still do something even if we done damage 0.05% 1
China is the country that emits the most CO2 and other greenhouse gases. China produces two times as many greenhouse emissions as the United States. Oil, gas, and coal are the primary sources of pollution—not cow farts! (A dumb, naive individual woul 0.05% 1
I don't know if we can reverse what has been done but we can start doing better now 0.05% 1
climate change is normal 0.05% 1
natural cycle of warming occurring. 0.05% 1
it is cyclical. 0.05% 1
It a natural thing. No matter what is done uit will not change it. 0.05% 1
The government is actively causing climate change by spraying the skies and allowing industry to get away with what average people can't 0.05% 1
I don't know 0.05% 1
don't really know 0.05% 1
? 0.05% 1
can t reverse it, but maybe it can be slow down 0.05% 1
don't know 0.05% 1
climate change is a natural occarance 0.05% 1
Climate changes have been happening for thousands of years 0.05% 1
Climate is not real 0.05% 1
I have no idea. 0.05% 1
The climate, like many things in life, is constantly changing. If people don't want it to be so hot, put trees back in parking lots, stop cementing our world, and get that black crap off of large businesses' rooftops. 0.05% 1
Everything is blamed on climate change. 0.05% 1
mostly not due to people 0.05% 1
No comment! 0.05% 1
man has nothing to do with it, the climate has been changing for the last 6 billion years app.. 0.05% 1
It's called WEATHER, and too many dues are willing to change their behavior in the name of a backhanded approach to global wealth redistribution. Puh-leeze! 0.05% 1
The best we can hope for is to slow it down. Climate Change is not entirely in the hands of man. The planet has its own agenda. 0.05% 1
Climate change is occurring just NOT in the way that you believe 0.05% 1
Change maybe happening, but it has been throughout history 0.05% 1
With or without humans, the climate always changes. There is no reason to stop it. 0.05% 1
Man does not have control of the climate and will not ever . 0.05% 1
Not a climate change expert 0.05% 1
climate change is a natural phenomenom BUT is exaturbated by human behaviour 0.05% 1
Don't know enough about it to say 0.05% 1
Climate change is a normal part of the earth's cycle. We cannot reverse it. 0.05% 1
it seems to be more of a natural process to me 0.05% 1
change is not needed 0.05% 1
We need to do as much as we can to take care of the planet 0.05% 1
Read the Bible not man occurred. 0.05% 1
it has always happened 0.05% 1
climate change is a natural occrance and annot be changed by our effords 0.05% 1
natural occurance 0.05% 1
Scientific research shows that eating meat, and pollution that results from its production, is a major global contributor to climate change and the United States is the world's largest meat- eating country (per capita). More than three quarters (78%) of respondents said they planned to grill meat or eat meat on July 4th - a holiday when Americans are estimated to eat 375 million burgers. Will you be grilling or eating meat this July 4th?
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