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TellWut Top Picks! World Theatre Day

03/27/2018 Theater/Ballet 3058 11 By: Tellwut

Have you ever seen a performance of "The Nutcracker" classic ballet?

12/26/2017 Theater/Ballet 1925 21 By: joyheart

Have you ever seen bad play or performance art or busker?

11/22/2017 Theater/Ballet 1951 25 By: sjendersby

Carolina Renaissance Festival

11/22/2017 Theater/Ballet 1909 19 By: LBP

You Can't Sit With Them, But You Can Sit In The Audience

10/24/2017 Theater/Ballet 2127 16 By: ghahrem5

Cats: The Musical

07/17/2017 Theater/Ballet 2441 19 Anonymous

Have you ever seen a Broadway show in New York City?

06/26/2017 Theater/Ballet 2167 32 By: woolygirl

Do You Like the Jersey Boys?

05/19/2017 Theater/Ballet 2235 33 By: kf4488

Odissi: Major Ancient Indian Classical Dance

03/16/2017 Theater/Ballet 1984 25 By: PinkAnts

Do you like ballet?

02/25/2017 Theater/Ballet 2015 17 By: cool707