Tellwut’s First Meet ‘N Greet Event

Tellwut hosted our first ever ‘Meet ‘N Greet’ event on March 27th, 2014.  The purpose of the event was to get to know community members in the Toronto region.  We featured the event with complimentary food and beverages while we […]

Tellwut Online Survey Finds 45% Feel The Mobile Messenger App Market is Saturated

(PRWEB) March 27, 2014 With the recent purchase of Whatsapp by Facebook for $19 Billion as reported by Forbes on March 24th, 2014, Tellwut conducted an online survey determining that 45% feel the Mobile Messenger App market is saturated, 29% […]

25% Would Be Willing To Be Homeless In Order To Keep Their Pet

(PRWEB) March 18, 2014 For the “Love of Pet” – A recent Tellwut online survey found that 25% of panel members would consider being homeless in order to be able to keep their pet. Though not all would go that […]

Online Survey Finds 89% of Voters Think Sochi is Unprepared to Host 2014 Winter Olympics

With over 2,000 votes a Tellwut online survey found that 89% of voters do not think that Sochi was properly prepared to host the Winter Olympics Games. In contrast, only 11% of voters felt that Sochi was prepared to be […]

Tellwut Online Survey Finds 66% Expect A Refund This Tax Season, 61% Use Refund To Pay Bills And Debt

Over the course of the next month, people will gradually receive their tax slips from various sources to determine if they will be entitled to a refund, or if they will be paying money back. A Tellwut online survey found […]

Tellwut Online Survey Finds Clean Toilet Bowl for Valentine’s Day Gift Does Not Make the Grade

On February 14, 2014, a stay at home dad left a Happy Valentine’s Day sticky on a freshly cleaned toilet bowl for his wife; a high school teacher.  Though happy for the sparkling toilet, she wasn’t sure a clean toilet […]

The Education of Online Market Research

Being effective in online market research is a lot like being a teacher.  Think of your colleagues, stakeholders, and clients as students by giving them a deep understanding of your research and importance of your product or service.  Educating your […]

Online Surveys for Better Business Results

Market research is one of the most important elements in keeping your business healthy. When staying on pace in the industry, many important questions need to be unlocked to maintain a competitive advantage. Conducting online surveys is an effective tool […]

48% of voters want Justin Bieber deported back to Canada

Justin Bieber’s antics have not been taken lightly, as over 100,000 different people have signed a petition to deport Justin Bieber back to his native land-Canada.  Usually a bill only needs 100,000 signatures to receive presidential consideration; however, this bill […]

Tellwut’s Disaster Dating Contest

Love is in the air…but not for everyone! Although Valentine’s Day is a special and romantic time for many couples, this is not exactly the case for the people who are still looking to find their Mr. or Mrs. Right. […]