Tellwut Online Survey – Oscar’s Caption Contest

We’re about 3 weeks away from the 88th Academy Awards and in honor of the big event we’re hosting an Oscar’s inspired contest on On Wednesdays at 12 p.m. EST. we will post a new gif for you to […]

Tellwut Online Survey Finds Only 22% Know What eSports Is

Only 22% of Tellwut online survey panel members know what eSports entails and only 6% of Tellwut online survey panel members believe that eSports is a sport, while 47% believe it is not and the remaining 47% taking on an […]

Tellwut’s Online Survey Holiday Hootenanny

We have three great seasonal promotions for you: The 12 Days of Tellwut is upon us – starting from December 12th to December 23rd we will be releasing a new holiday themed online survey, each worth 25 points. We will […]

Tellwut Choice Awards

In honor of the upcoming People’s Choice Awards (January 6th 2016) we are asking our Tellwutters their top choices for television, movies and thespians using the PCA’s nominee list . Each survey is worth 25 points and each vote will […]

Online Survey Finds 42% Regularly Purchase Scented Candles

42% of Tellwut online survey members purchase scented candles on a regular basis while 58% do not. Per one Tellwutter “there are 3 people in my family that are asthmatic and so don’t usually burn things. I usually will opt […]

Fall Food Contest

Email us ( an original picture of a Fall dish that you have prepared. Along with the picture email us the recipe used for that dish. We will choose the most photogenic meals and post them on Tellwut’s Instagram page, […]

Online survey finds 58% think governments should do more for Syrian Refugee Crisis

In a recent Tellwut online survey 58% of people think that their government can do more to help to refugees, while 42% feel that their government is doing enough to help people who are trying to escape their native country […]

Online Survey Finds 30% Have Run Away From Home

A recent Tellwut Online Survey found that 30% of respondents had run way from home at least once in their lifetime. When panel members were asked if they felt they had made the right decision by running away, nearly half […]

Survey Finds 50% Want Bed When Glamping

According to a recent Tellwut online survey 27% of Tellwut online panel members are familiar with glamping. For those of you unfamiliar with glamping imagine what camping would be like if it was narrated by Lifestyle’s of the Rich and […]

Tellwut Online Survey – Summer Blockbuster Contest – Chance to win any $25 gift card of your choice!

How it Works! 1. In this contest we will be facing off summer blockbusters, seeded according to domestic gross in a tournament! Check daily on Facebook & Twitter for new rounds! 2. Vote on your favorite summer blockbuster throughout the tournament […]