37% of Online Survey Voters Approve of Trump-Pence Logo

Donald Trump has chosen Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate for the 2016 White House bid. We asked Tellwut online survey takers what they thought less than 24 hours after the announcement, only 17% thought that “The Donald” made a good choice by choosing Pence, 16% did not approve of the choice and […]

57% of Tellwut Online Survey Members Support Black Lives Matter

The deaths of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and several members of the Dallas police force have sent the American public and news media into a tailspin. In separate parts of the country Sterling and Castile, both young black men, died during incidents after altercations with police officers. Days later during a peaceful protest in Texas, […]

Tellwut MasterChef Elimination Promotion

Spice up your Summer with Tellwut’s next promotion! MasterChef USA season 7 has hit the airwaves, this program can be best described as a competitive cooking reality show. Whether you’re a fan of this genre of television or not, you will have the chance to earn some extra points towards your next gift card. We […]

Online Survey Voters Want To Emulate Lennon & Maverick With Choice of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only a fashionable accessory but also summertime necessity for your eyes. The sun shines year round, but it is at its most powerful during the Summer months, while giving us bronzy glows and aiding in nourishing us with Vitamin D it also produces harmful ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet radiation is detrimental; it is […]

Learn To Prepare Tellwut Online Survey Takers Favourite Fast Food Dessert – Classic McDonald’s Apple Pie!

As American as apple pie is a saying that has been used as far as back as 1851. The actual origin of the buttery, flaky fruit filled dessert dates back centuries and has no specific country origin, however the first written account of apple pie dates back to 14th century England. Despite its transcontinental origins, […]

Tellwut Face Off: NHL 2016 Edition

Are you watching the NHL Playoffs? Tellwut is giving you the opportunity to earn some extra points towards a gift card even if you’re not a hockey fan! We will post a survey on the day of every game during the Eastern Conference Finals, Western Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Finals. Here’s the breakdown: Each […]

De-stress with Techniques from Tellwut Online Survey Takers

Have you been stressed out this week? 62% of Tellwut online survey takers said that they experience stress at least once a week. Stress as defined by Websters dictionary is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Stress can come from an amalgamation of sources including […]

52% of Tellwut Online Survey Takers Have Cut Their Own Hair

52% of Tellwut online survey takers have cut their own hair, GossamerDoll writes, “I have been cutting my own hair for the past 7 years. It saves money, and I never like how any hairdressers I’ve been to cut or styled my hair. My relatives regularly ask where I get my hair cut and complement […]

Tellwut Online Survey Finds 39% Consume Alcohol to Relieve Stress

39% of Tellwut online survey members consume alcohol to relieve stress, with the second leading reason at 29% being related to the enjoyment of the flavoring or taste of the beverages. The lesser percentages were divided up between peer pressure, wanting to forget, becoming intoxicated and to make others more interesting. The national drinking age […]

Easter Survey Hunt Promotion 2016

We are holding an Easter survey hunt worth 225 Tellwut points! Here is how it works: From Monday, March 14th 2016 – Sunday, March 27th 2016 the Tellwut team will be placing one survey on each of our social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. The 5 surveys will be sprinkled sporadically throughout the […]