59% of over 1,000 Voters Do Not Like the Facebook Login Feature

To Facebook login or not to Facebook login – that is the question!  Many websites offer users the option of logging in through their Facebook account in addition to creating and logging in directly. But is it really worth spending the time and money to add a Facebook login button? A Tellwut user utilized our […]

To Facebook login or not to Facebook login – that is the question!  Many websites offer users the option of logging in through their Facebook account in addition to creating and logging in directly. But is it really worth spending the time and money to add a Facebook login button? A Tellwut user utilized our crowdsourcing tool and created an online survey on this topic. 1033 voters responded indicating that the majority do not favor the Facebook login. So businesses- don’t worry if you don’t have the Facebook option available to your users.

It is true that the Facebook login allows your website to become more social and gives your users multiple points to access your website. In addition, your users can access your content without having to register. The availability of a Facebook sign-in prevents the frustration of creating accounts and remembering them along with website passwords. It also allows you to track the online behavior of your website visitors and sense their likes, comments, opinions, interests etc. However, apparently the majority of the Tellwut voters are not keen on using a Facebook login feature!  59% of the Tellwutters felt that it is unnecessary, irritating, invades their privacy or they would not join a website with this feature. 43% of all participants try to avoid the Facebook sign-in and would prefer creating a regular account on a website. They find it inconvenient and definitely do not like the fact that someone spies on their online behavior. This is a valuable piece of information for those companies that do not have a Facebook login on their websites yet. Instead of focusing on Facebook, online business owners can try to improve their customer’s experience and create an easily accessible and quick registration process. Then, they would be able to attract the 11% who say that they would not use a website that features Facebook login.

Although, the Facebok login button is not favored by everyone, there are still many people who find it much easier to stay connected through a Facebook login and truly enjoy it.  About 22% of the participants stated that they log in through Facebook and find it handy and simple to use. Facebook login allows them to share with the world what they like about a website, products/services, blogs, and more. In addition, Facebook login is helpful for the users when they visit your website through their mobile device.

A bit of advice for business owners: think about your targeted group of people, your products/services, and your strategy and figure out whether or not a Facebook login feature will help you for your business outreach. However, no matter what you choose, make sure that your website visitors are satisfied and have a wonderful experience when logging in.



38 Responses to “59% of over 1,000 Voters Do Not Like the Facebook Login Feature”

  1. Amber says:

    I’m with the majority here. The whole connecting everything to Facebook just seems to invasive for me. I don’t want everyone knowing what I do on the internet and most times websites post that you were ‘using this website recently’ or that you ‘read an article here’. What I do and where I do it isn’t something I want shared with all of my Facebook ‘friends’. It’s much easier and safer to keep everything separate. Plus if my Facebook gets hacked not everything else should fall too. tellwut user: amberg93

  2. Steven says:

    Personally, I like to keep my online life separated from those who know me in real life. If a site offers a Facebook login, I will never sign up. Additionally, I won’t leave a comment if it uses the Facebook comments function. There have been cases at the end of an article where I really want to leave a comment, but the Facebook comments instantly deter me. There’s something liberating about anonymity. Tellwut user: bbqsauce13

  3. melanie says:

    I too do not care for the atachment to facebook. Some might like it but I agree that most do not. I also don’t have a twiwer account and will not be getting one anytime soon because I don’t understand how to use it.

  4. Echoreyna says:

    Although I am an avid user of Facebook, I have always avoided the Facebook login option on other websites. I hate the idea that my actions on websites outside of Facebook may be published for my friends to see without my say, and I do not like the idea of companies gathering even more information about me without my knowledge. There are already so many breaches of privacy and intrusions on personal behavior on Facebook and on the internet at large that I think we have to avoid them when we can. [Tellwut name: Echoreyna]

  5. Amarjit says:

    I think the facebook login offers a chance to make a point while filtering out mischievous and non-serious comments.

  6. Ashlee says:

    I don’t mind it

  7. Gabriel says:

    I don’t use Facebook . I don’t like when web sights require you to haveaface book.But if I did I agree with the other comment.

  8. Chantaljouan says:

    Totally agree with the comment above! I use facebook multiple times a day, but these days with the way you can track everyones actions through facebook it seems like just one more addition that companies can use to gather my personal information or opinions. With a positive point to add, The Facebook login feature does have the added convenience of logging in easily [Tellwut Name: ChantalJouan]

  9. Ed Martel says:

    I was only a light user of facebook, and I also avoided logging in with facebook. I never used the “login with facebook” option because in general I don’t like the sharing of all my personal information between different accounts and because I don’t fully trust the feature. In the end, I am very glad I did not, because now facebook wants me to provide them with my phone number in order to login to my facebook account… so I said “bye bye” to facebook! [tellwut username: 01kipper]

  10. ann says:

    i’m not a fan of the facebook login from websites. i don’t like the idea of a website being able to access the information in my FB account; this includes my posts, friends posts, pictures, my data and anything else. and the dreaded: may post on your behalf!

  11. Angela V says:

    I have just read the above blog, and I could not agree more. I also feel that companies that will not allow you to enter their sweepstakes or instant wins, unless he or she she has a Facebook account is going way way way too far! Why on earth do these companies think it is okay to try to make us share our personal information with any Tom, Dick or Harry that may read it. Our privacy is being taken advantage of whether we LIKE it or not!!! This is America folks and we do NOT have to stand for it. Together we can make a difference.

  12. paul says:

    I think people should meet in person it is more real

  13. nancy says:

    me also

  14. Carroll Ann says:

    I agree with Echoreyna, I try to NOT login with Facebook as I do not want any additional incursions to my privacy. Not inconvenient to login normally. If I DO use the feature, I always check ONLY ME for notifications. Sometimes the Facebook Login is the only options. What does this say about Facebook’s internet power?

  15. paul says:

    we do not use facebook we find it to be faceless so I do not know about loin troubles

  16. bnhaley says:

    As an avid facebook user, I love the facebook log-in option. I think that it makes it so much easier for me to keep track of every website I am a member of, and some websites that allow you to log in with facebook even have facebook apps that allow you to check the website without actually going on it. I love it! I also don’t have to create a million different users and passwords – I definitely prefer how easy it is. I also don’t mind that these websites can then access my information on facebook, because I don’t have anything to hide, otherwise I would not be putting it on facebook. Tellwut user: bnhaley

  17. marc says:

    leave your site without a facebook link facebook is not as private as it once was . i don’t like facebook and don’t use

  18. hrankin says:

    I also avoid facebook logins. I feel that in an increasingly digital age privacy is becoming a thing of the past. Not linking everything through my facebook account leaves me with a bit of anonymity. And I don’t like informing everyone I know of everything I do. [Tellwut name: hrankin]

  19. Ziwhtam says:

    I really do enjoy facebook but I try to make an account with the website itself because I don’t like the idea of sharing everything (no matter what) with every one on my friends list. I know I can customize the settings for viewing but I don’t want to mess with that. I don’t need my family always seeing what I search for work or vise versa. I don’t see it as necessary. Also, if anything ever happens to facebook, that means that all my accounts on every single site are now standing with the need to be recreated or to find a substitute site. I dislike personally. [Tellwut name: Ziwhtam]

  20. scotterdammerung says:

    Facebook is awful. I used to be an avid user but it grows worse (and greedier re: promoted posts) by the day. Simply awful.

  21. Renee Perry says:

    I agree about the face book button, i think face book is too involved in letting everyone know what everyone else is doing, i personally would like to just sign in manually with contests i enter or comments i would like shown, theres too much like us first ! I personally do not like the face book log in feature either!

  22. funksoulfather says:

    I steer clear of the facebook login option on webpages as well. I can see why someone may use this (easier to share page or post comments) but it doesn’t interest me. The worst pages are the ones that block out content and won’t allow you to see anything unless you login first. Also, there is the possibility of an external website phishing for your facebook credentials which to me is not worth the risks. [Tellwut name: funksoulfather]

  23. waynef51 says:

    I have to agree with Echoreyna

  24. Ktdabs1 says:

    I guess I’m one of the small percentage that doesn’t mind the Facebook login. Of course I make sure to pay attention to what it might do. I also usually select that if it is going to post something to my wall that it only be visible by me. It does make quick work of logging in but I think that there should always be another option (to create a local account) and never be forced.

  25. marguerite frazier says:

    yes i like the ideal,because im always on facebook.

  26. rachaelsol says:

    Facebook login may be helpful at times, but it’s not so helpful when it is the only option to log in. It is better to provide multiple ways to log in. Such an example is facebook, twitter, and email log ins. (tellwut name: rachaelsol)

  27. Sandy says:

    I have used the Facebook login on a few websites but only because it was convenient, although I’m not sure how much of my personal information or my friends may be shared.

  28. Sandy says:

    I have used the Facebook login for a few websites, but I’m not so certain how secure my personal information may be. I have used it only because it was convenient at the time.

  29. sarahr says:

    I would like to second my fellow Tellwuter Echoreyna. I don’t believe the average person can grasp all the potential negative ramifications of having so much of our personal information available to others. Technology is causing us to change our behaviors. We need to be cautious that we are not so readily accepting without careful consideration. sarahr

  30. Crystal says:

    I also always avoid the Facebook login option. I like to keep my “social” life separate from my private life. I don’t necessarily want random college friends privy to everything I do online. (Tellwut name: cjfort)

  31. Rona says:

    I’m iffy about this so i pick and choose the sites I use this for. every company doesn’t need to have access to your Facebook. somethings need to be separated. (Rona)

  32. Roberta says:

    I don’t like having to log in everything thru Facebook, they get too much of our data already. username snowhite.

  33. Alicia Bishop says:

    I like the Login. Takes me seconds to get where I wanna go. (id abishop47)

  34. Scott says:

    it does not matter all that much to me. I think that it’s easier to use your facebook login info to sign into sites that offer it but at the same time it doesn’t take all that long to register on a website either. It is just an added option for convience sake is all it REALLY is in the end. Thank you for having such a good site for doing stuff on. I have found and answer the four social media page easter surveys, but haven’t gotten the credit for the blog post egg. My screen name on tellwut is scottmn1985. Have a wonderful easter weekend everyone.

  35. cheapnewyorker says:

    I also don’t like facebook login, mostly because I don’t like facebook overall because of lack of privacy and security controls. I hate that more and more businesses are going to facebook and making people do things on facebook. The only reasons I have a facebook account are to get updates I need that are posted only to facebook, and to fill out forms to get free samples from companies that offer their free samples only on facebook. I avoid putting personal information in my facebook account. Tellwut username: cheapnewyorker

  36. Ed Magedson says:

    Ed Magedson… This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Thanks a lot!…

  37. shell says:

    i hate using facebook to log in to sites! it really annoys me. i feel like it’s such an invasion of privacy. Tellwut username: cosmeticsugar

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