Results for - Arsenio Hall is coming back to late-night television. Are you going to watch his show?

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  • 1. Arsenio Hall is coming back to late-night television. Are you going to watch his show?
    Yes | 13.88% | 267 votes
    No | 50.42% | 970 votes
    Undecided | 21.83% | 420 votes
    Not Applicable | 13.88% | 267 votes

08/24/2013 TV 17


  • macntosh profile photo
    Can't wait. he will give Jimmy Fallon a run for his money!!!!!
    over 2 years
  • avemaria profile photo
    for nostalgia sake, yeah.. i watched him every night in high school..
    over 2 years
  • daddyduck profile photo
    Don't own a television, thank God.
    over 2 years
  • Spikeygrrl profile photo
    I didn't like him the first time around. But since I DID enjoy him on Celebrity Apprentice, yeah, sure, I'll at least give him a shot. If I don't like the new show, I won't watch it again, no skin off my nose.
    over 2 years
  • Scorpion profile photo
    Since I am tired of the same old thing every night...I MAY tune in the first night just to see if it is any good.
    over 2 years
  • sa_smiles profile photo
    maybe...isn't something I would seek out to watch but prob is an ok show he is kinda funny sometimes so might if nothing else on
    over 2 years
  • kindgentle profile photo
    No, I don't care to much for Arsenio Hall or his show.
    over 2 years
  • heaven7 profile photo
    I like him and will watch if it is on at the right time. My absolute favorite is Johnny Carson, I still miss him. RIP Johnny.
    over 2 years
  • offzwal profile photo
    over 2 years
  • Sophia1957 profile photo
    The only reason I watched the original was because my ex wanted to!!I used to read when it was on!
    over 2 years
  • mamabear10 profile photo
    I can't wait!!!!!
    over 2 years
  • ken profile photo
    He sucks give it up.
    over 2 years
  • loverly1 profile photo
    Im thrilled that he is back. I used to watch him all the time. But truthfully I see who guest stars on all the late night shows & watch/and record the ones Im interested in.
    over 2 years
  • libbyann profile photo
    I didn't know he was coming back to TV. I might watch him.
    over 2 years
  • PatKat9000 profile photo
    I'll only watch if he gets good guests on, otherwise, no.
    over 2 years
  • Atriol49 profile photo
    don't care for him. But I believe he will get decent guests so I might watch the show for them.
    over 2 years
  • seven profile photo
    No. No I'm not.
    over 2 years