Diets, diets, diets

Was dieting one of your New Years resolutions for 2012?
Was dieting one of your New Years resolutions for 2012?
What are your criteria in choosing a diet?
Generally speaking, what is your main criteria for dieting?
Which diets have you tried in the past?
Which diet did you find to be the most successful?
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  • cindythatcher37 profile photo
    Food portions and Exercise works for me.
    3 days
  • Rotahayes profile photo
    Everyone or most people can lose a little weight cause weight varies it up to the individual
    10 days
  • jamieorjoe profile photo
    I've never been on a diet.
    15 days
  • jzerbs profile photo
    I actually have the opposite problem i want to gain weight but can't. However i'm not going to go out and eat a bunch of crappy fast food or buy a bunch of processed junk food from the store. Maybe this is why i don't gain weight ( obviously my genetics and metabolism are a huge reason for this too) although i eat a lot, the food i eat are fresh and not loaded up with a bunch of chemicals.
    about 1 month
  • baileyg93 profile photo
    ItWorks, has helped me loose weight. Very Affordable too :p
    2 months
  • honey86 profile photo
    I found that no diet works if you don't control portions .more calorie burn and a controlled amount of calorie intake. I lost 50 pounds when i actually started doing this. I hated Atkins diet.
    4 months
  • Susansbs profile photo
    bonwit, your handle should be halfwit. You obviously no nothing of compulsive or emotional eating. Willpower doesn't come into the picture when it comes to such issues.
    4 months
  • bonwit profile photo
    Zyni has the right idea. All diets simply indicate on inability to exercise regularly and eat sensibly, not making excuses for slathering butter on everything, eating pints of ice cream on impulse, diving into the potato chips whenever. If you can choose when to answer the telephone or when to get up or if you can write the word "NO" on a piece of paper, you probably have enough common sense to eat sensibly. It's not called "self-indulgence"--it is called an application of will power. Like any human application, the more you use it, the easier it is.
    5 months
  • Zyni profile photo
    Long term, healthier eating habits are better than "diets."
    5 months
  • redhaired_aries profile photo
    Changing your lifestyle is better. Diets are temporary and tend to fail or they work but you go off the diet and gain the weight again. A lifestyle change is more permanent, it means you change what you eat and the way you eat it, get more physically active, disease/conditions management, and such.
    5 months
  • dizzyb profile photo
    I think the concept of a "diet" is somewhat misunderstood. We think of a "diet" as a temporary change in eating habits, whereas if we want to see positive results, we should adopt permanent new eating habits. This doesn't mean that we should never eat cheesecake again, but in moderation. A whole food permanent diet allowing an occasional treat is a great way to maintain good health.
    6 months
  • Ladyred5150 profile photo
    I lost 30 pds on Phentermine. I had no medical problems from taking it like deanng did. It is a miracle drug but you have to combine exercise & diet with it & keep it up once you get off the drug. I was on it for 6 months & you actually forget to eat. No appetite & tons of energy. Make sure you get it from a Doctor though because I've seen it online & it wasn't the real thing. It's a prescription drug only prescribed under the care of a physician.
    7 months
  • Ocslulu profile photo
    Oh I try so hard ... But,. that cheese cake,ice cream, chip,and beer. Keeps calling me!!!!!
    8 months
  • allegra profile photo
    who ever said fat people are disgusting is disgusting I,m sure one of your relatives or someone you know is overweight it doesn't affect someone's personality you are a mindless idiot People are people it's people like you that say idiotic things that are disgusting one day you may have an obese child or even worse bolemic if that'sthe way you think
    8 months
  • sajeffe profile photo
    I lost 30 pounds by cutting down severely on processed foods. Eating mostly fresh foods. If you cook your own food instead of eating out or eating frozen dinners, you're going to be healthier. Better yet, grow your own food!
    8 months
  • Makemerich profile photo
    8 months
  • adeel12 profile photo
    9 months
  • SCCC profile photo
    Do we get points for commenting?
    9 months
  • resehrs profile photo
    hi please take one of my surveys please!!!
    10 months
  • gaphaw profile photo
    the best way to diet is to eat all your meals in front of a full body mirror. while your are naked. but please do this only in the privacy of your own home!
    10 months
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