Diets, diets, diets

Was dieting one of your New Years resolutions for 2012?
Was dieting one of your New Years resolutions for 2012?
What are your criteria in choosing a diet?
Generally speaking, what is your main criteria for dieting?
Which diets have you tried in the past?
Which diet did you find to be the most successful?
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  • choprchik profile photo
    I just watched a BBC documentary "why are thin people not fat" interesting experiment they did . according to the science some of us are just destined to put on weight at a much higher rate for reasons out of our control .
    7 days
  • Steph1965 profile photo
    I Agree honey86. I loss 85 pounds, now a size 8 on portion control and no soft drinks.
    24 days
  • jodyk profile photo
    i never really had a special diet,i jus excersise and don't eat alot of junk food even thou i love it....:-) my weight is perfect
    about 1 month
  • Crabbygranny profile photo
    I got those expensive pills. I had a foot injury and I have a lapband. It said I didn:t have to exercise, I did it over 4 months. I lost a whole 10 lbs and I am mobidly obease. I have to exercise and cannot get moving and my doc I have not been sensible. I did great for years excercising every day. We moved to the country, no gym. I broke a couple bones so I tried the pill. After all it said I didn't have to exercise. I took for monthsl And we eat differently out here and indulge. So I am mobidly obease and I ordered Zumba but PT said it was too hard for me. Well I have a few years left and I will start walking on the treadmill I own and doctor increased my anti depressent and I am waiting for Motivation.
    about 1 month
  • dreamalad profile photo
    sorry but no.
    about 1 month
  • jraybunny profile photo
    Most diet pills are sure to check with your doctor before trying any.the best way to lose weight is healthy food choices and exercise. It doesn't necessarily have to be like pushup and curl up just keep yourself moving
    2 months
  • lindseylagoy2 profile photo
    is phentermine dangerous i know where i can buy it online without a RX its over 200.00s though
    3 months
  • lindseylagoy2 profile photo
    i want to try diet pills i know that they really dont do much but what the heck why not try and see
    3 months
  • jewels1942 profile photo
    the picture of the woman in the pants 3 sizes too big has never been fat in her life. Get a before and after picture would make more sense
    3 months
  • ggrmcmurray profile photo
    I thought that Phentermine was no longer available.
    4 months
  • Kentuckyblue26 profile photo
    You can lose weight without the aid of a meal plan from a company making money by telling people that eating their crappy diet bars can drastically change their lives. Excersising, as simply as walking 30 minutes a day everyday, combined with watching what you eat, cutting back on soda and sugar, can make you drop pounds fast. People have begun to get a little lazy these days and have decided that making healthier decisions is a lot harder than subscribing to a money wasting diet factory that's not completely guaranteed to help them lose weight. Doing it naturally is a lot healthier.
    5 months
  • coffeebean profile photo
    This survey has been running for a long time!
    6 months
  • rureally profile photo
    The best way to lose weight is watch the intake of calories - people overeat and take too many calories in daily.
    7 months
  • SunChariot profile photo
    Not being able to stay away from foods you know are not good for you or from overeating is often much more than a lack of will power. It is often a real addiction that is a lot harder to stop than you might think.
    7 months
  • SunChariot profile photo
    The reason I did not make dieting as a New Years resolution as I was already on one when New Years rolled around. I have been on Weight Watchers since July 2014 and am now down 63 lbs. I have 48 left to go. Nutrisystem also worked very well for me in the past. My Weight Watchers is my future. It's been amazing for me. Life changing for the better in every way possible. It's just what I need healthwise : easy, tons of positive encouragement, a healthy lifestyle (including exercise), and something I can stick to for life. I will be wtih WW forever. After done we go into the maintenance phase and become lifetime members and no longer have to pay. Its not enough to take it off, I am going to keep it off this time. :-)
    7 months
  • vanessaclark profile photo
    I love these surveys
    7 months
  • cindythatcher37 profile photo
    Food portions and Exercise works for me.
    8 months
  • Rotahayes profile photo
    Everyone or most people can lose a little weight cause weight varies it up to the individual
    9 months
  • jamieorjoe profile photo
    I've never been on a diet.
    9 months
  • jzerbs profile photo
    I actually have the opposite problem i want to gain weight but can't. However i'm not going to go out and eat a bunch of crappy fast food or buy a bunch of processed junk food from the store. Maybe this is why i don't gain weight ( obviously my genetics and metabolism are a huge reason for this too) although i eat a lot, the food i eat are fresh and not loaded up with a bunch of chemicals.
    10 months
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