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  • How much do you know about your religion?
    1. How much do you know about your religion?
    Almost Everything | 9.02% | 2,694 votes
    A Lot | 24.31% | 7,263 votes
    A Moderate Amount | 35.34% | 10,559 votes
    Not Much | 9.95% | 2,974 votes
    Little | 6.54% | 1,953 votes
    None | 1.36% | 406 votes
    I Don't Have a Religion | 13.49% | 4,031 votes
  • How tolerant are you of other religions?
    2. How tolerant are you of other religions?
    Very Tolerant | 56.01% | 16,737 votes
    Semi-Tolerant | 39.14% | 11,695 votes
    Intolerant | 4.85% | 1,448 votes
  • Do you force your religion on other people?
    3. Do you force your religion on other people?
    Yes, I believe it is right. | 8.68% | 2,593 votes
    No, I believe people should think their own way. | 57.74% | 17,252 votes
    I try not to. | 13.84% | 4,136 votes
    I don't even talk about it. | 19.74% | 5,899 votes
  • Are you a regular church-goer?
    4. Are you a regular church-goer?
    Yes | 22.83% | 6,821 votes
    No | 56.50% | 16,883 votes
    I could do better | 20.67% | 6,176 votes

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  • wassi profile photo
    Almost everything
    about 1 year
  • kesa profile photo
    I am christian. but christian is not a religion .it is faith My faith is from the Lord that I was chose by him. that is what i believe and for me we are not forcing others to believe. we only inform the truth from God and the Holy Spirit will help somebody to understand and stand to have their own faith toGod.In Jesus name
    about 1 year
  • cathyc60603 profile photo
    I have no use for religion and the people who believe in it. It's a waste of time, money and breath.
    about 1 year
  • TDaSkater profile photo
    Im not really into religion
    over 2 years
  • jazzygal123 profile photo
    U don't need to go to church to believe in god u just need to be nice to yourself and others. And pray
    over 2 years
  • blueiscool profile photo
    I believe what I believe and do not try to force others to believe it.I'm happy in my religion and I know that god is love and that's all that needs to be said.
    over 2 years
  • ninab profile photo
    "God is good God is great we all have our religion but GOD Loves all of us" - really?! tell it to 6 million Holocaust victims
    over 2 years
  • davidcallowayjr profile photo
    God and Jesus Christ do love everyone. However, not everyone will go to Heaven. There will be plenty of people to go to Hell as they will not follow and obey the Commandments of Christ from God. A lot of people say they believe in God and will go to Heaven. Just believing in God and living a "good" life is not enough. Even Satan believes in God, but, will be remain in Hell. Everyone needs to repent and follow God and Jesus' Commandments.
    over 2 years
  • torreselizabeth profile photo
    God is good God is great we all have our religion but GOD Loves all of us
    over 2 years
  • JW-surveyer profile photo
    This is actually quite interesting. It seems that the world is going back into a secular state of mind, and if not those that are religious are becoming a bit more tolerant of other people's beliefs. It would be nice if everyone could just get along and accept everyone, but that doesn't seem to be a very likely achievement.
    over 2 years
  • bashir20 profile photo
    in fact, i respect every religion, nd i cant say that this religion is good nd that one is bad, everyone has their own religion, but the concept nd main point is just one nd that is almighty god ........
    over 2 years
  • prvmor555 profile photo
    over 2 years
  • jwalk profile photo
    Almost all religions believe in an afterlife. The question is how do we get there. All religions have their own answers. None of us know and so we usually follow what we have been taught. I was raised in the Mennonite church which teaches love of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We believe the Bible is completly true. Ipray that all the people I have ever known including my family will accept Jesus and follow in His steps. This is my religion be it right or wrong.
    over 2 years
  • akisah profile photo
    Owe.pray 5 tyms a day. Now its a holymonth oF ramadhan :-)
    over 2 years
  • akisah profile photo
    Islam is da one.. Believe in one dod. One creator who creates heaven and earth. It can be prove. Just ope. Ur minds people. allah wi.taufiq whom believe.
    over 2 years
  • bampm00 profile photo
    god is in everybody :)
    over 2 years
  • pinballaddict13 profile photo
    over 2 years
  • embalmed profile photo
    I am Wiccan.I believe everyone has to walk their own path.I have no problem with christianity until they start calling us "devil worshipers" we don't even believe in the "devil" so how are we supposed to "believe" in it???
    over 2 years
  • kelly62265 profile photo
    I do have a " religion" but I'm not going to post it. I think the most important thing is your relationship with Jesus Christ. I give my whole heart & soul to God my Father.
    over 2 years
  • carylaane profile photo
    I was raised in a luthern houshold (my mom felt all of us kids should go to church and go through confirmation) as I've gotten older I have less interest in going-through the different beliefs and structures that have been introduced to me over time it's truly hard to say that I would put my faith in one standard.
    over 2 years
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