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  • Which social media posts do you hate the most?
    1. Which social media posts do you hate the most?
    Poltical opinions and rants | 18.05% | 504 votes
    Overload of pictures/statuses of someone's children | 5.69% | 159 votes
    Posts about religion | 8.41% | 235 votes
    All the invitations to games | 11.85% | 331 votes
    People bragging about themselves | 7.48% | 209 votes
    Vague/attention seeking posts | 5.84% | 163 votes
    People taking multiple pictures of themselves | 3.90% | 109 votes
    Referring to self in third person in statuses | 1.75% | 49 votes
    Asking to repost a status on your own page | 2.51% | 70 votes
    Posting about exactly what they are doing all day | 7.23% | 202 votes
    I can't choose, I hate them all! | 19.66% | 549 votes
    N/A | 7.63% | 213 votes

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  • RetroChik profile photo
    I know how to block the game invites, so those are no longer my number one pet peeve. Now it's braggers. People who have been there, done that, and think they rule. If you were all that, you wouldn't need Facebook....
    over 3 years
  • cajunseabee133 profile photo
    If someone's facebook post bothers you that much then take them off your newsfeed..
    over 3 years
  • momosan profile photo
    it is sooo weird that people get angry over "unfriending". First.....I don't care.....we had not spoke in 10 years....what's another 10? I do not like when people curse or have items on there, and there are also their kids/teens are on there....also inappropriate pics.
    over 3 years
  • toga profile photo
    Social media is a's all a money making ploy! This face the book crap is a trolls paradise! I use it to talk to old friends who live far away. I had to delete two accounts due to trolls and privacy issues. E-mail rocks!
    over 3 years
  • taintedbunnii profile photo
    Religion posts.
    over 3 years
  • angel2485 profile photo
    I really hate people posting about politics but I also have a another, people who constantly post things about Abortion rights and just don't talk about anything else
    over 3 years
  • Spikeygrrl profile photo
    I was onF acebook for about a month, acquired hundreds of "friends" I'd never met, and managed to piss off the few realtime friends I actually had. It might have helped to learn how to use the dang thing firast, esp. re privacy and how to exclude people without offending them, but hey it's all water under the bridge now, and....NEVER AGAIN!!!!!
    over 3 years
  • carolinejayda profile photo
    i hate when people post depressing statuses to try to get attention, but then get mad when someone asks them whats wrong. if they're so sad they should be glad someone cares!! i also hate when someone puts up a pic of themself and says "i'm so ugly" to try to get compliments.
    over 3 years
  • retired4180 profile photo
    Don't use social media
    over 3 years
  • djnacho1 profile photo
    over 3 years
  • selkie305 profile photo
    Game invites, #1. Though that's not always the fault of the friend "sending" the invite. These games spam all the friends of those who play them. Next would be cut-and-paste statuses. Especially when they are obvious hoaxes. Oh, and food! Do me a favor, don't tell me what you're eating if you're not going to send me some of it.
    over 3 years
  • cupid9936 profile photo
    Hate political posts. So glad this election is OVER. But it still does not stop some people complaining, waaaawaaaawaaaa
    over 3 years
  • Sophia1957 profile photo
    I like it all.Just have an issue with some of the insane ones!
    over 3 years
  • seven profile photo
    People who post where they are and what they are doing 24/7. Your life is not that interesting. I don't need to know nor do I care that you are at the mall buying socks. LOL
    over 3 years
  • elvinotintopete profile photo
    Love my children and I like other peoples a lot, but endless photo's of their kids just drives me crazy. If people want me to see their kids they are welcome to bring them to see me and then I really get to know them rather from a snapshot. WE are all proud of our kids but I do not believe that anyone should be so proud as to be boring!
    over 3 years
  • aileenrojas profile photo
    People should have better things to do
    over 3 years
  • cindybush1 profile photo
    I don't care where the person is at.
    over 3 years
  • sa_smiles profile photo
    I hate game invites. I get them all the time and don't want to overload my computer with them
    over 3 years
  • pitbullbabe profile photo
    I hate people that post pics of the food they eating
    over 3 years
  • MyIncomeHelper profile photo
    I agree TSP1973. I also dislike the bullying posts and people being just being rude or mean.
    over 3 years
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