How many times this week did you have a decent conversation with your teen?

03/07/2012 Love & Relationships 5 points 48


  • panda10 profile photo
    no teen, my baby is 8 years old!
    13 days
  • tuxeedo profile photo
    no teen. my daughter is grown up.
    27 days
  • Grima profile photo
    my daughter was born 2 og august 2013.. so only onesided conversations
    about 1 month
  • matthew8101 profile photo
    My baby will be 13 on August 1st
    3 months
  • Ginger01 profile photo
    My teen is now 24, thank GOD!
    3 months
  • Jonesgurl profile photo
    My children are grown.
    4 months
  • lstidom profile photo
    mine is away at college but saw him last weekend and talked to him yesterday
    6 months
  • kattbon profile photo
    I need to have a conversation about what makes a decent conversation.
    7 months
  • isojim profile photo
    I don't have any teenagers.
    7 months
  • daddyduck profile photo
    My teenagers have their own teens now.
    7 months
  • PatKat8 profile photo
    My teenage daughter seems to be stuck in the toddler universe. She can't put an intelligent sentence together to save her life. She's not stupid (straight A student, on principle honor roll, in BETA club...) - she's just stupid in the social department. Believe me, I've always talked to her, but it doesn't seem to fruit any results. Can't keep talking about princesses and stuff with a 14 year old, that's just not my thing. But, I keep trying.
    7 months
  • elfinmyst profile photo
    I talk to my teens all the time and I really enjoy it. We've always talked a lot to each other.
    8 months
  • Josyjoy profile photo
    I was a terrible teen, so I am not looking forward to eventually having one of my own.
    8 months
  • Mandytremb profile photo
    My daughter plays rep soccer and I use our driving time to have our"Talks" at first she was reluctant and just gave me yes or no answers but now she starts the conversations.
    8 months
  • bebi profile photo
    dont like to talk
    8 months
  • Eileen777 profile photo
    I have teen grandchildren but having talk to them this week. EW
    10 months
  • Opinionator profile photo
    Teenagers ROCK! They are our future---encourage them, talk to them, hope for them and love them for the unique individuals they are! We were there once and we were uncertain and sometimes hopeless or as mixed up or more than they may be.
    11 months
  • mownlist12 profile photo
    My children grow up but I have time to talk with the 2 every day of my life.
    12 months
  • PrettiMamita profile photo
    I'm only 21 so I don't have a teen lol.
    12 months
  • srssimon profile photo
    children are all grown and gone now
    about 1 year
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