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  • 1. Did you notice that Walmart E-gift cards have been added to the rewards section?
    Yes | 41.54% | 894 votes
    No | 58.46% | 1,258 votes
  • 2. Do you plan on redeeming the Walmart E-gift card?
    No i don't plan on redeeming my points for it | 32.39% | 697 votes
    I plan on redeeming my points for it | 15.66% | 337 votes
    I already redeemed one | 5.16% | 111 votes
    Undecided | 36.01% | 775 votes
    N/A | 10.78% | 232 votes
  • 3. Which do you prefer: a Walmart gift card (physical) or a Walmart E-gift card?
    Physical card | 56.74% | 1,221 votes
    E-gift card | 21.28% | 458 votes
    N/A | 21.98% | 473 votes

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  • dexterrules profile photo
    Glad to see that I am not the only one who sees through the Wal mart BS. I won't shop there if u gave me the gift card for free.
    over 2 years
  • eastertimecoral profile photo
    You can take a E-Giftcard code for Walmart and order your own physical card if you want, there are no shipping charges.
    over 2 years
  • sa_smiles profile photo
    I like the amazon ones I am happy with those
    over 2 years
  • mjith profile photo
    It doesn't matter to me physical card or e-card.
    over 2 years
  • cabinlady77 profile photo
    I do believe you can print them out and take to Walmart. They then scan it and it does just like a real gift card.
    over 2 years
  • dezsyi profile photo
    Im collecting giftcards as my Achievements. My next is either the visa giftcard or the $100 Amazon.
    over 2 years
  • heinz57 profile photo
    The card can be used as gift's to friends,family so like them better,
    over 2 years
  • Beckert profile photo
    I don't shop at Walmart. Not only are their goods cheap crap from China. Their employment practices end up costing the community more than it saves.
    over 2 years
  • njayne58 profile photo
    I don't care what form a gift card is in as long as the store honors it. I only go to Wal Mart when they have something not available at Meijer.
    over 2 years
  • Sophia1957 profile photo
    over 2 years
  • asti profile photo
    I don't shop at walmart
    over 2 years
  • momathome profile photo
    I don't shop at walmart
    over 2 years
  • bettyrubble34 profile photo
    Last time I checked, you can't use a gift card on the Canadian Walmart site.
    over 2 years
  • offzwal profile photo
    over 2 years
  • elvisa profile photo
    To juliejamron: You can get ship to store for free. No shipping charges.
    over 2 years
  • mlking14 profile photo
    I refuse to patronize H*llmart. Horrid service, cheap quality of products and high prices are not where I will spend money. Easier to shop elsewhere and get good quality, good service and better prices.
    over 2 years
  • coffeebean profile photo
    I don't shop at Walmart much.
    over 2 years
  • FLAHONEY33 profile photo
    Walmart service is horrible.
    over 2 years
  • juliejamron profile photo
    I don't like e-cards. You have to order online and pay shipping charges. I prefer a physical card and go to the store. (Unless it is Amazon)
    over 2 years
  • lilkitten profile photo
    they don't have much online for walmart Canada but I don't use it anyway. I love the cards :)
    over 2 years
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