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Giving Birth For Foreign Couple

Ottawa native, Amy Cameron, has been a surrogate 5 times. In fact, all the pregnancies were for families in Norway. Cameron was drawn to families in Norway as surrogacy for unrelated family members is illegal. As a result, Cameron has given birth in a hospital in Ottawa. **Note: Cameron was not paid for surrogacy beyond having her expenses covered.

Do you know anyone that was a surrogate for a couple?
Do you know anyone that was a surrogate for a couple?
If you were struggling with pregnancy, would you consider a surrogate?
Do you know couples that struggled with pregnancy?
If a good friend asked you to be a surrogate, would you take them up on the offer?
If you decided to be a surrogate, would you want to receive payment beyond what was needed for the pregnancy?
08/29/2016 Parenting 10 points 24 By: Tellwut

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