Online Survey Affiliate Programs

Business Affiliate Program- Online Survey Packages:

Our affiliate program is structured to allow you to earn up to 20% commissions on the sale of our Online Survey Packages for businesses and organizations or Online Market Research Services and crowdsource in a day.

How do I get started?

  • Step #1: Join our affiliate program by clicking here to create a voter account if you do not have one already!
  • Step #2: Once you've joined the program you can promote our Business Packages using the following link

    Remember to substitute USERNAME with your Tellwut Username.

    Example: If your Tellwut username is TellwutFan, your referral link should look like this:
  • Step #3: Get Paid! Tellwut will pay you with a cheque or directly to your Paypal account, by the end of the month following the sale.

    Tellwut Corp. pays up to 20% for referrals who sign up for our Online Business Survey Packages or Online Market Research Services. The more clients that register and purchase, the higher the percentage you will earn!

    If your referrals sign up for second or even third Business Survey Package or Online Market Research Services you will continue to earn residual commissions of 10% for every package they purchase.
    • 1 to 10 Sales per year= 10%
    • 10 to 20 Sales per year= 15%
    • Over 20 Sales a Year = 20%

    (Your account will reset every year on the date you first signed up.)

    Joining our affiliate program is a very simple process. Once you join our affiliate program, all conversions are tracked by your unique affiliate code.

Tellwut appreciates your commitment to growing our business and sees you as a valuable member of the Tellwut Team.