Refer a Friend

Refer-A-Friend Affiliate Program - Tellwut Online Survey Panel:

You get paid 25 reward points for referring a friend. Tellwut rewards can be redeemed starting at 4,000 points, for which you will receive any of the gift cards listed here. Save your points to receive even more valuable product.

How do I get started?

  • Create a Tellwut Voter Account and provide your basic information to earn 200 reward points.
  • When you sign up you will select a user name. This user name becomes part of your referrer tag.

To send people to sign-up directly via the sign-up page use this link: where the "USERNAME" is replaced with your own username.

To send people to sign-up via Tellwut home page use this link and where USERNAME is replaced with your own username.

Example: If your Tellwut username is TellwutFan, your referral link should look like this:

  • Send this link to your friends or incorporate the link in a HTML hyperlink
  • Sign in to Tellwut and look under "My Account" to see your referral sign-ups.

Start earning rewards today!

What benefits of Tellwut should I emphasize?

Tellwut is an online survey site where voters get paid money for surveys. Earn points quickly towards gift cards and other valuable prizes by answering the site surveys. Ask your own questions on the best survey site on the web, using Tellwut’s free online survey software. Well crafted surveys earn 10 to 20 reward points.