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Has a movie ever scared you so badly that you wet yourself?

05/23/2012 Movies 105 3 By: courtneylovely

Favorite movie of all time?

05/18/2012 Movies 94 2 By: courtneylovely

Best horror movies

05/17/2012 Movies 96 0 By: courtneylovely

X-Men: The Movie

08/31/2012 Movies 1328 7 By: BettenK

Stephen King Books and Movies

05/01/2012 Movies 71 0 By: skettio13

Which Lord of the Rings Movie is Your favorite?

06/24/2012 Movies 420 3 By: areuter20

Whose team are you on for the Twilight Saga?

04/23/2012 Movies 64 1 By: jluvstwilight1

here's for all you friday the 13th people

04/15/2012 Movies 19 1 By: hotrodmommycharle