Favorite Movies

What is your favorite movie genre?
What is your favorite movie genre?
Your favorite action movie?
Your favorite animated movie?
Your favorite baseball movie that does not star Kevin Costner is:
Your favourite baseball movie that stars Kevin Costner is:
Your favourite football movie
Your favorite hockey movie?
Your favorite boxing movie?
Your favorite comedy?
Your favorite romantic comedy?
Your favorite horror movie?
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  • glyph profile photo
    My favorite movie of all time is The Fifth Element, In my opinion, you are missing Drew Barrymore romantic comedies: The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, and Never Been Kissed.
    14 days
  • synthetictoast profile photo
    Favorite horror has to be Halloween II. That movie is the epitome of horror sequel. It's very rare for a horror movie to be good in general (especially now) but it's even more uncommon for a sequel to be just as good if not possibly better!
    20 days
  • panda10 profile photo
    I watch only SciFi movies.
    about 1 month
  • teshoana profile photo
    horror movies now gives me nightmares
    about 1 month
  • EvilFlippy profile photo
    The Shining!! XD
    2 months
  • momarch profile photo
    I would say one of my very Favorites is Gran Torino
    3 months
  • DieselBoy profile photo
    "Silence of the Lambs" is not a horror movie. Why do people constantly make this judgement?
    4 months
  • bearsun704 profile photo
    Why does it take so long to get "newly created surveys/polls, etc." approved on this site? I did my second one just a few minutes ago; however, my first one dated a while back - last week, I think, has no decision made yet. Why not?
    4 months
  • Visionaerie profile photo
    When we were much younger, 'Death Race 2000' was one of my favorites -- I think it featured both Sly Stallone and David Carradine! There's another dystopian one you might want to check out, a real camp classic!! I think it is also by Roger Corman, Mr. Brilliance on a Budget!!!
    5 months
  • Visionaerie profile photo
    Two of my favorite movies are 'Children of Men' (which is to me a dystopian retelling of the birth of Jesus) and 'Great Expectations' (love the soundtrack and it is an interesting variation of the original Dickens). Used to be into horror movies but I think the genre has been mutilated -- bring back the great old British Hammer Studios classics!
    5 months
  • liddy4584 profile photo
    Horror movie fan!
    5 months
  • marybaez1996 profile photo
    I prefer musicals like west side story mama mia phantom of the opera the music is great but there is a real story behing the music most people think these are mostly chick flicks but if you watch closely you will see the real story and it is easier to understand
    5 months
  • asiaboyer372 profile photo
    I don't watch horror I have nightmares yes I'm a scary cat
    5 months
  • asiatanveer profile photo
    i like comedy movies
    6 months
  • zorra profile photo
    Although there wasn't a question about your favorite western movie, my all time favorite movie is The Good The Bad and The Ugly. My daddy said that he sat through 17 showings when it first came out. Growing up it was used as a promotional film when things like siding, storm doors and windows etc. Daddy has been gone for nearly 24 years, and this movie remains my all time favorite.
    6 months
  • dblankenship365 profile photo
    I love comedies. There's nothing better than a smile and laughter. All good for the soul.
    6 months
  • dmhyde profile photo
    The greatest movie EVER MADE (not my words) and I agree is 'Gone with the Wind'. You'd have to be a TRUE SOUTHERNER to appreciate it.
    6 months
  • crain1 profile photo
    Favorite animated movie is Beauty and the Beast, I relate to it. I do not watch horror movies, have never liked them.
    7 months
  • chadrack.kitenge54 profile photo
    no reason to be scared
    7 months
  • marybaez1996 profile photo
    I grew up in the 60s and some of the best movies ever made were in that era especially an affair to remember and true grit iother good movies are born free to sir with love and a hard days night also one of the best things about those movies was that they had little or no violence or sex in todays movies the story lines are good but the actual movie is nothing but trash there are a few good ones from the 80s like beaches steel magnolias and Mississippi burning also glory silence of the lambs was a good movie but some of the scenes are so suggestive it is scary especially when you know people who are capable of that kind of violence the less they see of this stuff the better because it gives them ideas
    7 months
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