Favorite Movies

What is your favorite movie genre?
What is your favorite movie genre?
Your favorite action movie?
Your favorite animated movie?
Your favorite baseball movie that does not star Kevin Costner is:
Your favourite baseball movie that stars Kevin Costner is:
Your favourite football movie
Your favorite hockey movie?
Your favorite boxing movie?
Your favorite comedy?
Your favorite romantic comedy?
Your favorite horror movie?
11/01/2011 Movies 10 points 130


  • katie4098 profile photo
    Everyone knows You've Got Mail is the best modern(ish) romantic comedy!
    about 15 hours
  • StarlightMuse1 profile photo
    How are you going to ask favorite hockey movie and NOT put Mighty Ducks?? Also, A League of Their Own, best baseball movie and Gladiator or Star Wars for action.
    5 days
  • sammb66 profile photo
    Can't forget about the Mighty Ducks!!!!!! Hockey and Emilio!!!
    12 days
  • sunsetheat39 profile photo
    My favorite horror movie is the Texas chainsaw massacre the original 1974 version. I can't believe it didn't make the list. It's been re-released in the movies theaters for the 40 the anniversary. In my honest opinion it is my all time favorite horror movie.
    18 days
  • Anglewings profile photo
    My favorite movie of all time isThe Walking Dead.The thing about it is that they only make a few shows at a time and I wish they would make a series weekly about it .I think it is fantastic to watch and there are quite a few people who watch this show before anything else.It gets very high ratings.
    22 days
  • whatwhat34 profile photo
    My all time favorite movie is: Kill Bill Vol.1!
    26 days
  • garrys profile photo
    All time fav The Wizard of Oz.
    about 1 month
  • resehrs profile photo
    hi please take one of my surveys please!!!
    about 1 month
  • rainbow4550 profile photo
    Rocky movies are the best.
    about 1 month
  • mrswendy profile photo
    The queen....love my movies
    2 months
  • Antoine profile photo
    Amazing Spiderman 2 all the way just saw and it was fun
    2 months
  • aelfmorgan profile photo
    I had to write in for almost all the movies.
    3 months
  • kimberlyrae25 profile photo
    Favorite hockey movies and MIghty DUcks doesn't even make the cut
    3 months
  • yaitso1 profile photo
    if you really want to be horrified look at the alleged paintings by George w. tush ..
    4 months
  • tuxeedo profile photo
    I love suspense movies and romantic comedies.
    4 months
  • mitzi_carpenter profile photo
    lots of great movies were left out. and i think you'd have to divide them up by generation. i'd pick gone with the wind and wizard of oz any day over some of the stuff listed in the survey.
    4 months
  • fairygirl profile photo
    None of the really old movies were up there. Like "Gone With The Wind. I guess I just dated myself LOL!
    4 months
  • Lovepo profile photo
    I plan to see some good movies this year.
    4 months
  • sherryepps profile photo
    My favorite action movies-Fast n Furious,and Run Away Bus. Another great movie-The Green Mile,and Forest Gump,2 unforgettable movies!
    4 months
  • Browne profile photo
    my favorite horror movie is carrie
    4 months
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