Favorite Movies

What is your favorite movie genre?
What is your favorite movie genre?
Your favorite action movie?
Your favorite animated movie?
Your favorite baseball movie that does not star Kevin Costner is:
Your favourite baseball movie that stars Kevin Costner is:
Your favourite football movie
Your favorite hockey movie?
Your favorite boxing movie?
Your favorite comedy?
Your favorite romantic comedy?
Your favorite horror movie?
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  • yaitso1 profile photo
    if you really want to be horrified look at the alleged paintings by George w. tush ..
    12 days
  • tuxeedo profile photo
    I love suspense movies and romantic comedies.
    21 days
  • mitzi_carpenter profile photo
    lots of great movies were left out. and i think you'd have to divide them up by generation. i'd pick gone with the wind and wizard of oz any day over some of the stuff listed in the survey.
    22 days
  • fairygirl profile photo
    None of the really old movies were up there. Like "Gone With The Wind. I guess I just dated myself LOL!
    22 days
  • Lovepo profile photo
    I plan to see some good movies this year.
    22 days
  • sherryepps profile photo
    My favorite action movies-Fast n Furious,and Run Away Bus. Another great movie-The Green Mile,and Forest Gump,2 unforgettable movies!
    about 1 month
  • Browne profile photo
    my favorite horror movie is carrie
    about 1 month
  • xenagirl92 profile photo
    The movie, "Carrie" has always held my attention. Every remake was good, too
    about 1 month
  • elrem11 profile photo
    flashback of all the movie that i watched, it gives the desire watch it again mostly my favorites
    2 months
  • LilPurg profile photo
    It looks like I'm one of the few that appreciates Documentaries LOL
    2 months
  • bardia profile photo
    I had A LOT of others for my answer. I don't like to watch sports at all or movies about the,. I don't life horror or action movies. There was much left to comment on. :-) It was Monty Python and the Holy Grail, good movie too. :-)
    2 months
  • emiblaray profile photo
    A League of Their Own, For Love of the Game, Mighty Ducks and The Replacements
    2 months
  • thanhnvpyn profile photo
    hoi kho
    2 months
  • Mommaheather88 profile photo
    Monty Python and the *Holy Grail is such a great movie :)
    2 months
  • Ginger01 profile photo
    What about "The Wizard Of Oz?"
    3 months
  • Wendy5 profile photo
    What about " A League of their Own"
    3 months
  • NMCB3299 profile photo
    Favorite romantic comedy was Boat Trip where two macho straight guys accidently sign up for a gay cruise.
    4 months
  • GoLAKings profile photo
    I had to pick other on favorite baseball, hockey & football movies. For baseball, there have been some really great ones out in the past few years, but my favorite is Trouble with the Curve (the others are 42 and Moneyball). My favorite hockey movie is Miracle. My favorite football movie is The Slaughter Rule.
    4 months
  • ANDYO1 profile photo
    a good movie is one I don't sleep through again
    4 months
  • Shonda23 profile photo
    30 first dates should have been up there
    4 months
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