Favorite Movies

What is your favorite movie genre?
What is your favorite movie genre?
Your favorite action movie?
Your favorite animated movie?
Your favorite baseball movie that does not star Kevin Costner is:
Your favourite baseball movie that stars Kevin Costner is:
Your favourite football movie
Your favorite hockey movie?
Your favorite boxing movie?
Your favorite comedy?
Your favorite romantic comedy?
Your favorite horror movie?
11/01/2011 Movies 10 points 175


  • KlashNYC profile photo
    Is "The Longest Yard" you have listed the one with Burt Reynolds? Much better than the remake. Ditto "Slap Shot": the Paul Newman original is Much better than the more recent remake. Also: "Silence of the Lambs" really isn't Horror. Fun survey, though :)
    1 day
  • afreakyfusion profile photo
    I watch all types of movies
    5 days
  • clack05 profile photo
    I don't watch horror movies anymore because I feel like I seen it all. There's no surprises anymore. There dull and boring
    7 days
  • sylstr profile photo
    I love horror movies
    9 days
  • Aleha profile photo
    I really don't like scary movies
    28 days
  • garichards007 profile photo
    I would the original Frankenstein and Forrest Gump to your lists. Do you have one for Westerns?
    2 months
  • ronmacneil200 profile photo
    2 months
  • Alyona profile photo
    " "
    3 months
  • neta2000 profile photo
    My own list od favorites is much longer and I just stopped on every point to decide where to mark one of the proposed lists or to input my own.
    3 months
  • terinah1 profile photo
    horror screamers
    3 months
  • Stardust13 profile photo
    I love movies of all kinds. I have an extensive DVD collection and am always adding to it.
    3 months
  • sprudent88 profile photo
    Scream 3
    4 months
  • keener profile photo
    Wrong Turn 2
    4 months
  • karinna profile photo
    Horror, nothing like the nightmare on Elm street movies
    4 months
  • Kentuckyblue26 profile photo
    I love horror movies. The creepier, the better. Unless it's movies like the exorcist. I hate demonic movies, too scary.
    5 months
  • cynthiaw956 profile photo
    The Hills Have Eyes(original) and Pet Sematary are by far the best horror movies Ive ever seen... IMO Needed to put some Marvel Movies Up in there Avengers X-Men Iron Man love those :)
    5 months
  • Rotahayes profile photo
    All are good movies to watch compared todays' movies shocker changing the original characters who will be next Indiana Jones a "woman" next
    5 months
  • ctalley profile photo
    Sometimes I think horror movies should be outlawed. There are genres that may seem like they don't do anything good...but Horror movies take the cake. Why would you expose yourself to so much negativity!?
    6 months
  • mnmguess profile photo
    @Anglewings I agree! Love that show!
    6 months
  • alal01 profile photo
    The Exorcist scared the hell (no pun intended). After the movie I saw someone crying, praying, and one guy laughing like he was insane- he probably was insane before the movie. To this day I get the shivers if I here the theme song-Tubular Bells by Mike Oilfield.
    7 months
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