Favorite Movies

What is your favorite movie genre?
What is your favorite movie genre?
Your favorite action movie?
Your favorite animated movie?
Your favorite baseball movie that does not star Kevin Costner is:
Your favourite baseball movie that stars Kevin Costner is:
Your favourite football movie
Your favorite hockey movie?
Your favorite boxing movie?
Your favorite comedy?
Your favorite romantic comedy?
Your favorite horror movie?
11/01/2011 Movies 10 points 145


  • woot246 profile photo
    I'm very surprised The Gods Must Be Crazy was on the list. It's not too well known.
    19 days
  • spawn9997 profile photo
    For comedy, has to be History of the World Part I. "It's good to be the king."
    about 1 month
  • punkybrewster profile photo
    Refreshing that the gods must be crazy was a choice of answer. I haven't even thought abut that movie in years
    about 1 month
  • tmart1995 profile photo
    Carrie is one of my favs
    2 months
  • cass92607 profile photo
    Love tons of em!
    2 months
  • coolster profile photo
    Should have given me like 100 points for this survey, Jeezus CHRIST!
    3 months
  • Zyni profile photo
    This is an interesting selection. I'm guessing the person making the poll listed their favorites?
    3 months
  • Intrigue profile photo
    Too many RomComs in the Comedy section
    3 months
  • Anglewings profile photo
    My favorite which is watched by millions I'm sure is,The Walking Dead.The best that was ever put on TV.I love it.
    4 months
  • cjdisanto profile photo
    LOVE this website. Funny and FUN!
    6 months
  • davemacrae profile photo
    There should be a "not applicable" option for these questions. I for one do not have fabourite movies in several of the categories listed.
    6 months
  • eclark867 profile photo
    The Shining was crazy back in the day but Chucky was a fool too LOL!
    6 months
  • anthonyarian profile photo
    I am a major movie buff and there are too many movie favorites to actually choose from. As, for my favorite Genre's, my favorites are Thriller, Suspense, Horror, Affliction, and so on.
    6 months
  • xsallyboox profile photo
    I am still really surprised Shrek beat Toy Story in this survey. I honestly like both but I am a big fan of Pixar films and Disney so my mind is set on Toy Story is the better film by far.
    6 months
  • Marcia1 profile photo
    I didn't sleep for weeks after the exorcist lol
    6 months
  • katie4098 profile photo
    Everyone knows You've Got Mail is the best modern(ish) romantic comedy!
    6 months
  • StarlightMuse1 profile photo
    How are you going to ask favorite hockey movie and NOT put Mighty Ducks?? Also, A League of Their Own, best baseball movie and Gladiator or Star Wars for action.
    7 months
  • sammb66 profile photo
    Can't forget about the Mighty Ducks!!!!!! Hockey and Emilio!!!
    7 months
  • sunsetheat39 profile photo
    My favorite horror movie is the Texas chainsaw massacre the original 1974 version. I can't believe it didn't make the list. It's been re-released in the movies theaters for the 40 the anniversary. In my honest opinion it is my all time favorite horror movie.
    7 months
  • Anglewings profile photo
    My favorite movie of all time isThe Walking Dead.The thing about it is that they only make a few shows at a time and I wish they would make a series weekly about it .I think it is fantastic to watch and there are quite a few people who watch this show before anything else.It gets very high ratings.
    7 months
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