All about Pizza

How often do you often do you have pizza delivered to your home?
How often do you often do you have pizza delivered to your home?
Where does your pizza usually come from?
Your favorite pizza chain is:
What are your top three favorite toppings?
Does your delivery guy know your first name?
Have you ever got a pizza for free because the delivery guy was late?
How much do you tip the delivery guy?
Do you ever order anything to accompany the pizza?
How do you eat the leftover pizza the next day?
Have you ever tried any of the following?
11/01/2011 Food & Drink 10 points 127


  • Craikie profile photo
    I use to be employed buy a pizza company and know what goes on back in the kitchen ,not by me but other employees drop toppings on grimey floor and they laugh and put it on the pizza or spit on it and these idiots find it just hilarious so I up and quit and became a Bartender where I controlled he orders .Since that day I have never ordered a pizza since 35 years. Either make my own or buy the frozen ones but not to often
    4 days
  • GtpsyGirl profile photo
    We love pizza! We get pizza at least once a week. My husband sometimes makes homemade pizza from scratch & it's the best!
    7 days
  • blondiegurl profile photo
    I live in the stix.... Lol!!! No company deliver's anything here... Nearest places to go dine in at are all several miles away....
    19 days
  • trishdale profile photo
    Pizza guy doesn't know our names, but he knows the names of our dogs!
    29 days
  • cindythatcher37 profile photo
    I've gotten free pizza due to a rude delivery guy. give him a 20 dollar tip and still complains.
    about 1 month
  • Rotahayes profile photo
    "All" natural works for me Sorry
    about 1 month
  • Izzdan profile photo
    Tip you cheap ass's
    about 1 month
  • ree5151 profile photo
    I try to tip extra.. Seems like a terrible job!!
    about 1 month
  • ree5151 profile photo
    I try to tip extra.. Seems like a terrible job!!
    about 1 month
  • Blue26 profile photo
    Home made pizza is best.
    4 months
  • jillmarie profile photo
    pissaladiere and pizza cones I had to google- interesting!
    4 months
  • Teejayy profile photo
    I used to deliver pizza. Please, tip the pizza guy. They make crap money and the tips are how they make their paycheck. It's an exhausting and dangerous job, it's not just "driving around". It's running and carrying hot foot, often to dangerous areas and to rude people, and our cars smell like crap after having rotten pizza stench in our vents all the time.
    5 months
  • Zyni profile photo
    Not many good pizza places nearby.
    6 months
  • redhaired_aries profile photo
    We've done or most of these. Frozen pizzas, take and bake, delivery, and dine in. Although we haven't done delivery in many years. Also, pre-made pizza dough, add our own toppings, and throw that in the oven.
    6 months
  • broben profile photo
    Pizza da bomb
    7 months
  • Susansbs profile photo
    A pizza with the works from Vito's is my monthly guilty pleasure - and a 9" is good for 2 or 3 meals for me.
    7 months
  • MMIkie profile photo
    Panagoes is the BEST Pizza I've ever had!! Now I can't order from ANY where else!!!
    8 months
  • Tessamia4 profile photo
    Got to go and call papa!!!
    8 months
  • redvayne profile photo
    I sometimes make home-made pizza with garlic texas toast....jar of pizza sauce, mozzarella and any meat...really good !
    9 months
  • dreamertink profile photo
    YUMMY!White pizza and any type of pizza cold from the fridge for breakfast!
    9 months
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