All about Pizza

How often do you often do you have pizza delivered to your home?
How often do you often do you have pizza delivered to your home?
Where does your pizza usually come from?
Your favorite pizza chain is:
What are your top three favorite toppings?
Does your delivery guy know your first name?
Have you ever got a pizza for free because the delivery guy was late?
How much do you tip the delivery guy?
Do you ever order anything to accompany the pizza?
How do you eat the leftover pizza the next day?
Have you ever tried any of the following?
11/01/2011 Food & Drink 10 points 147


  • Gab profile photo
    We order pizza maybe once a month if we are too tired to cook otherwise I make it myself, I love grilled pizza.
    about 1 month
  • Jdawg55 profile photo
    The stupid delivery guys never give me change they always steal it that's why I never order pizza anymore onetime my change was like $15.00 and he got in his car and started it and I threatened to stick my dog on him if he didn't give me my change
    2 months
  • marybaez1996 profile photo
    i agree m,ake your own and save money like delivery fees and tips
    3 months
  • marybaez1996 profile photo
    I am not a big pizza lover but would prefer some good Chinese food more value for the same price also a healthier meal most people today eat way too much pizza this is part of the cause of the obesity problem especially among children it is sad because all they eat is fast food like pizza and hamburgers they have nothing but a home cooked meal with good vegetables or fruit this is mostly because both parents are working and no one has time to cook this is totally unfair to kids ans partially the cause of juvenile diabetes the idea of healthy school lunches is worthless because most kids are not used to eating good food so its natural for them to not like anything good because all they know is junk food like delivered foor or takeout
    3 months
  • furing profile photo
    I love pizza .....
    3 months
  • l722220 profile photo
    4 months
  • jraybunny profile photo
    My brothers the manager at papa johns...I get free pizza cards all the time
    5 months
  • Nana21 profile photo
    We really love pizza it is a healthy fast food.
    5 months
  • jam433 profile photo
    My family loves pizza
    5 months
  • lindseylagoy2 profile photo
    i love pizza
    5 months
  • snakes123 profile photo
    i like domino's but buy alot of mccains and dellisio
    5 months
  • TessaLarsen profile photo
    I love Pizza Hut best Pizza around. Not very much here in our small town.
    7 months
  • twofeet12 profile photo
    I love a great veggie pizza.
    8 months
  • ctalley profile photo
    I've only had delivery pizza once. We were in a big city at a friend's house and playing video games all night.
    8 months
  • mammacub4 profile photo
    mmmmmm pizza.......
    9 months
  • Hanalei2018 profile photo
    Frozen Store Pizza, are okay. When I buy the stuff, I need, I enjoy making a little smaller ones..about 5 or 6 inches. I love Peperoni/Cheeses, and fresh pineapple with peperoni/cheese. I save a little money. Usually make a few to put into the freezer for later, when I want pizza.
    10 months
  • SunChariot profile photo
    Also, I am lucky. :-) The bakery we buy the pizza dough from lets us preorder them. They come in packages of 4. So we can order it the day before and tell them when we are coming to pick it up and they make it to be ready for then. So it is always so fresh! I use one that day and freeze the others.
    10 months
  • SunChariot profile photo
    We don't order pizza or go to the chains. Mostly I make my own. Some times we go out and buy a slice for lunch at a bakery that makes great pizza. For mine I buy whole wheat crust on a bakery that sells them and they are GOOD. I add tomato sauce, green/red/or yellow peppers that I microwave first to soften. a lot of caramelized onion, bacon, sometimes mushrooms and/or sliced tomato and a cheddar/mozzala blend (part skim, but I add quite a bit.
    10 months
  • lonniehowell profile photo
    I eat pizza probably 8 times a month.I love pizza.
    10 months
  • Wednesday1071 profile photo
    Pizza Hut is the best followed by Papa John's.
    10 months
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