When do you fly your country's flag?

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  • arjun789576 profile photo
    16 days
  • vzTW profile photo
    Don't ever hang it, keep it up instead, and fly!
    about 1 month
  • JBCoup profile photo
    **** america
    2 months
  • angel2485 profile photo
    never I am a canadian but live in the U.S. and don't like California or really america that much but love my canada and miss it and would only fly a canadian flag
    3 months
  • js7781453 profile photo
    I have a small flag
    4 months
  • marybaez1996 profile photo
    the flag of your country should fly every day because it is a display of true patriotism and love of country if not for this reason as a symbol of the greatness and love of country if the colonists thought differently why would they have asked betsy ross to creat a symbol of theie new country it has served this country well for over 2 hundred years and there should be no reason for it to stop now
    4 months
  • dparwaugh55 profile photo
    I fly the American Flag as an honor and respect for all Veterans of the past, present and future as a symbol of proud to be an American.
    4 months
  • boxmaker80 profile photo
    fly your flag proudly
    5 months
  • 2427930 profile photo
    World Championship!
    5 months
  • jimboLea profile photo
    I have my Father's Flag and my Grandfather's Flag, Both covered their caskets , both were in the Military. Both flags are folded up in the traditional Tri-fold pyramid . In my case To unfold these flags would bring dishonor to me and my family. I am Proud of My Families sacrifice given to this Great Nation of Ours.
    5 months
  • latwanuia profile photo
    I never hang my flag.
    6 months
  • RMW profile photo
    I was a color guard when I was a Girl Scout, and there's a proper etiquette for flying the flag. I don't have the time/resources to observe it properly, so I don't fly the flag. It bothers me no end when people leave the flag out in wet weather or after dark without a light on it, or when they fly a flag that's stained, faded, ripped, or tattered and should be honorably retired (cremated with full honors).
    6 months
  • terrileigh profile photo
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    6 months
  • terrileigh profile photo
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    6 months
  • alex191081 profile photo
    6 months
  • misterpi profile photo
    The flag is hung at all house every day except when it rain
    7 months
  • mameefa profile photo
    National holidays seem to bring out the patriotism
    7 months
  • chrisanto profile photo
    Here in my country we always raised flags in the morning
    7 months
  • QueenIvina profile photo
    I just don't have time for that ****
    8 months
  • Lionmom100 profile photo
    I proudly fly our flag on Holidays. It was raised over Pearl Harbor on my Moms birthday the year I got it.
    8 months
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