When do you fly your country's flag?

05/26/2012 Living 5 points 523


  • alex191081 profile photo
    about 23 hours
  • misterpi profile photo
    The flag is hung at all house every day except when it rain
    9 days
  • mameefa profile photo
    National holidays seem to bring out the patriotism
    12 days
  • chrisanto profile photo
    Here in my country we always raised flags in the morning
    17 days
  • QueenIvina profile photo
    I just don't have time for that ****
    about 1 month
  • Lionmom100 profile photo
    I proudly fly our flag on Holidays. It was raised over Pearl Harbor on my Moms birthday the year I got it.
    about 1 month
  • poppopto5 profile photo
    I am a veteran of the Vietnam war. It is an honor to fly our great flag of my country. God Bless America.
    2 months
  • EDWARD profile photo
    2 months
  • mammacub4 profile photo
    I think that anyone that is ashamed or upset about the way their country is run should promptly leave. Perhaps then we wouldn't have our jails over flowing with 'innocents' and the rest of us wouldn't have to take our hard earned money and shelter, feed, and clothe all of those 'innocents'. Ps, I happen to be a 'minority' that chose to make a good living for myself and my children rather than live off the government and breed tomorrows 'innocent' felons.
    2 months
  • AFTON profile photo
    Quotation marks
    3 months
  • AFTON profile photo
    REALLY, spooky charlie??? How ignorant are you!! Or are you an "innocent" youth yourself??? Notice the quota
    3 months
  • Noemia23 profile photo
    I'm extremely proud of how this country has changed, how it has changed me and the people who surround me. I would raise the flag every day for the ones who continue fighting for it whether it is at the local or federal level. The flag symbolizes "freedom" which is full of symbolism really, it can symbolize freedom to be in land that sure as hell will try to protect you from foreign harm, and will hand you opportunities to make a living whether it is in urban or rural areas. I would raise the flag mainly for those who give/gave it all for this country, the people that chose to give up their lives to serve others because they set the example for everyone else. When I say "set the example" I'm talking about the people in general, but specially those who abuse the rights we have, they make a fool of themselves and give us a bad name thinking it's "Kool" to be part of a "fast solution" or live for today, but they are part of a bigger problem, and an economic crisis. I also wish we were more eco friendly, because this world doesn't pop resources by the grace of the universe, just because, it pops resources where the land is well taken care of and not abused.
    3 months
  • rosebud78 profile photo
    The Flag is a symbol of American pride in this country. We fly it mainly for those who protect it. When we lose our love of our country, we surely will fail as a country.
    3 months
  • ohwe812 profile photo
    i don't have a flag & im not sure about it representing freedom, like what freedom exactly?
    3 months
  • tearss profile photo
    I'm an Army Brat. I know what my Dad did for this Country. I fly my Flag with Pride!!!
    3 months
  • lonniehowell profile photo
    A flag is a sign of freedom, for any country.We need to remind ourselves of the people who fought and died for our countries.For freedom.Respect the flag.
    4 months
  • GtpsyGirl profile photo
    Everyday, all year round!
    4 months
  • cindythatcher37 profile photo
    Proud to be an American. Flag is up all year round.
    5 months
  • Fleckjohn65 profile photo
    Sadly only Canada day. Our American friends have it right
    5 months
  • Ricardo45 profile photo
    I love the world. Maybe a United Nations' Flag.
    5 months
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