When do you fly your country's flag?

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  • angel2485 profile photo
    never I am a canadian but live in the U.S. and don't like California or really america that much but love my canada and miss it and would only fly a canadian flag
    11 days
  • js7781453 profile photo
    I have a small flag
    about 1 month
  • marybaez1996 profile photo
    the flag of your country should fly every day because it is a display of true patriotism and love of country if not for this reason as a symbol of the greatness and love of country if the colonists thought differently why would they have asked betsy ross to creat a symbol of theie new country it has served this country well for over 2 hundred years and there should be no reason for it to stop now
    about 1 month
  • dparwaugh55 profile photo
    I fly the American Flag as an honor and respect for all Veterans of the past, present and future as a symbol of proud to be an American.
    about 1 month
  • boxmaker80 profile photo
    fly your flag proudly
    about 1 month
  • 2427930 profile photo
    World Championship!
    2 months
  • jimboLea profile photo
    I have my Father's Flag and my Grandfather's Flag, Both covered their caskets , both were in the Military. Both flags are folded up in the traditional Tri-fold pyramid . In my case To unfold these flags would bring dishonor to me and my family. I am Proud of My Families sacrifice given to this Great Nation of Ours.
    3 months
  • latwanuia profile photo
    I never hang my flag.
    3 months
  • RMW profile photo
    I was a color guard when I was a Girl Scout, and there's a proper etiquette for flying the flag. I don't have the time/resources to observe it properly, so I don't fly the flag. It bothers me no end when people leave the flag out in wet weather or after dark without a light on it, or when they fly a flag that's stained, faded, ripped, or tattered and should be honorably retired (cremated with full honors).
    3 months
  • terrileigh profile photo
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    4 months
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    4 months
  • alex191081 profile photo
    4 months
  • misterpi profile photo
    The flag is hung at all house every day except when it rain
    4 months
  • mameefa profile photo
    National holidays seem to bring out the patriotism
    4 months
  • chrisanto profile photo
    Here in my country we always raised flags in the morning
    4 months
  • QueenIvina profile photo
    I just don't have time for that ****
    5 months
  • Lionmom100 profile photo
    I proudly fly our flag on Holidays. It was raised over Pearl Harbor on my Moms birthday the year I got it.
    6 months
  • poppopto5 profile photo
    I am a veteran of the Vietnam war. It is an honor to fly our great flag of my country. God Bless America.
    6 months
  • EDWARD profile photo
    6 months
  • mammacub4 profile photo
    I think that anyone that is ashamed or upset about the way their country is run should promptly leave. Perhaps then we wouldn't have our jails over flowing with 'innocents' and the rest of us wouldn't have to take our hard earned money and shelter, feed, and clothe all of those 'innocents'. Ps, I happen to be a 'minority' that chose to make a good living for myself and my children rather than live off the government and breed tomorrows 'innocent' felons.
    6 months
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