When do you fly your country's flag?

05/26/2012 Living 5 points 465


  • sarcastos profile photo
    Where is the earth flag, So i can show my pride as an Earthling and not a simple, small minded Nationalist.
    about 12 hours
  • NatalyaB profile photo
    God bless Canada!
    2 days
  • m22a profile photo
    I take pride in flying flag
    6 days
  • lay42 profile photo
    Every single day, also fly our Army flag everyday!
    14 days
  • honkieshit profile photo
    15 days
  • indice profile photo
    I must take pride and get one.
    17 days
  • adeel12 profile photo
    i am gonna do it
    17 days
  • amerfarooq profile photo
    On holidays!
    19 days
  • GraceMaria profile photo
    I fly it whenever I can, but it seems to get so raggedy that I have to replace it a lot. Does anyone else have this issue, or is it just me?
    21 days
  • EDWARD profile photo
    i am a vietnam veteran and i salute our flag every day.
    22 days
  • Mousewriter profile photo
    Proud to replay flag.
    about 1 month
  • armywifeak profile photo
    I would everyday if I had one!!
    about 1 month
  • Krazyasskatz profile photo
    I only fly it on the holidays its suppose to be flown on.
    about 1 month
  • Mtlouwho profile photo
    mrstejano I never fly a flag because 1 I don't own one and 2 I live in an apartment where I don't have a place outside to put one. It has nothing to do with how proud I am of my country. I volunteer and donate to charities that will actually help ppl and veterans in this great country which is more than flying a flag can do
    about 1 month
  • purezen621 profile photo
    I fly our flag everyday! God bless the USA!
    2 months
  • shastaH profile photo
    I don't fly flags around. Doesn't mean I hate my country. Just that I'm too lazy.
    2 months
  • vickieb profile photo
    I am thankful for the freedom I have and never want to forget those who fought for it and keep fighting for it . I fly my flag everyday as a constant reminder of the price it costs to be free and to always say thank you
    2 months
  • deanjunior profile photo
    2 months
  • MalloryM profile photo
    I'm a proud American!! God bless the USA!!
    2 months
  • somethingamerican profile photo
    I won't fly my nation's flag but I will let my fandom flag fly...
    2 months
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