When do you fly your country's flag?

05/26/2012 Living 5 points 484


  • primalclaws1974 profile photo
    I love the USA. Not ashamed. I have one on my wall displayed year round.
    1 day
  • ipaimola profile photo
    i dont have
    12 days
  • sexyshundra profile photo
    Don't even have one to wave
    13 days
  • spiffcats profile photo
    If i liked canada i would.
    14 days
  • Blue26 profile photo
    God bless or native land Canada.
    21 days
  • redhaired_aries profile photo
    The house we bought came with a flag bracket on the front of it. Before it broke (heavy winds, etc.) we would keep the flag up 24/7. But before we moved to this house and after it broke, we would hang the flag (downward) in one of our windows for patriotic holidays (like Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, ID4, etc.).
    about 1 month
  • Intrigue profile photo
    about 1 month
  • DBusbee profile photo
    41.19% wow
    about 1 month
  • MatthewMurray706 profile photo
    I have the Gadsden Flag (Don't Tread on Me flag) on my car.
    2 months
  • tellit123 profile photo
    Fly my rebel flag high.
    3 months
  • Emperial profile photo
    I have three flags in my yard: the flag of Russian Federation in the center, the flag of the region (state) on the left and the flag of municipality (county) on the right )
    3 months
  • tiffanyking75 profile photo
    I dont fly the flag cant have anything in my yard!
    3 months
  • jspicer profile photo
    I love my country. America is awesome. Just don't have a flag
    3 months
  • janlou profile photo
    I'm not much of a flag waver.
    3 months
  • birebire profile photo
    America is the worst and most hated country in the world! They start unnecessary wars for natural resources(OIL!). And kill civilians, but when another country does they get all mad. Forget flying the US flag, I will gladly pea on it in public!
    3 months
  • nnikkib1 profile photo
    I fly my flag everyday!
    3 months
  • beckman_m profile photo
    Right after I put up the flagpole.
    4 months
  • guato21 profile photo
    I'm proad of USA soilders god has blessed them
    4 months
  • susiem profile photo
    I really need to get a flag and do it for sure.
    4 months
  • sarcastos profile photo
    Where is the earth flag, So i can show my pride as an Earthling and not a simple, small minded Nationalist.
    4 months
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