When do you fly your country's flag?

05/26/2012 Living 5 points 497


  • Odes profile photo
    Holliday is a good time
    8 days
  • nikkiana profile photo
    I don't even have one
    14 days
  • nevz87 profile photo
    Got the Canadian and american flag
    19 days
  • sammyg profile photo
    Other then canada day, probably never
    19 days
  • DDSM76 profile photo
    I did have a small one that hung on a pedestal in my house but it disappeared after we remodeled the house.
    20 days
  • allanro28 profile photo
    Canada day...we Canadians are quietly patriotic.Very secure in our identity.
    25 days
  • BoriKua2016 profile photo
    Flying the Country Flag is a DUTY that everyone, regardless which country you're from, has to perform, teach the young generation of the hardships we have encountered while making our country great. YES, we're proud and we know it... and our friends know it... and everybody should know it.
    about 1 month
  • rhirrel profile photo
    I stopped worrying about my country's flag during the Vietnam War!
    about 1 month
  • LeetheGirl profile photo
    Do you guys really need to remind yourselves which country you live in? We get that you're proud. You get it, your friends get it, your neighbors get it. What's with the necessity?
    about 1 month
  • sruiz profile photo
    4th of July
    about 1 month
  • Undeadangel profile photo
    about 1 month
  • shivar22 profile photo
    the days where I need ot pay respect
    about 1 month
  • johnkessler profile photo
    I fly my flag everyday!
    2 months
  • primalclaws1974 profile photo
    I love the USA. Not ashamed. I have one on my wall displayed year round.
    2 months
  • ipaimola profile photo
    i dont have
    3 months
  • sexyshundra profile photo
    Don't even have one to wave
    3 months
  • spiffcats profile photo
    If i liked canada i would.
    3 months
  • Blue26 profile photo
    God bless or native land Canada.
    3 months
  • redhaired_aries profile photo
    The house we bought came with a flag bracket on the front of it. Before it broke (heavy winds, etc.) we would keep the flag up 24/7. But before we moved to this house and after it broke, we would hang the flag (downward) in one of our windows for patriotic holidays (like Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, ID4, etc.).
    3 months
  • Intrigue profile photo
    4 months
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