When do you fly your country's flag?

05/26/2012 Living 5 points 556


  • lyk2mtu profile photo
    too much ceremont for daily !!
    4 days
  • M1920 profile photo
    i don't own an american flag.
    16 days
  • waspnut413 profile photo
    wow watch the attitude and take a chill pill!!! @JBCoup.
    about 1 month
  • brianvarroney profile photo
    I fly my flag 24/7 365 with pride for all of those that fought and died bravely to protect our freedoms.
    about 1 month
  • edgarpamela45 profile photo
    I have a flag that belonged to my late father who was a corporal in the Korean War. When he was laid to rest in National Cemetary in Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, the military personnel presented my now late mother with that flag. It is still folded up inside of its original plastic cover every since it was presented to her when he was buried in 1982. I haven't seen it since then. When I do find it, I want to encase it inside of one of those wood cases with his name on a gold plated plaque in front of it.
    about 1 month
  • sransom482 profile photo
    american flag gets put out on holidays such as the 4th of july, memorial day, veterans day
    about 1 month
  • skibo62 profile photo
    I don't own a flag
    3 months
  • jacksontys profile photo
    we fly our country's flag mainly on the 4th of July. but when i become a home owner i'll always fly it.
    3 months
  • Shdana45 profile photo
    I dont fly my flag
    3 months
  • bernie2cats profile photo
    I put our flag out for the occasion of Memorial Day to reflect on all the men and women who fought in the war for us to have freedom. Veterans Day, Flag day, and so many more days as this US stands for our freedom. How I love our American Flag.
    3 months
  • Latavia  profile photo
    I don't fly my country flag
    4 months
  • Latavia  profile photo
    I don't flunky country flag
    4 months
  • dickhead1.cb profile photo
    Fly it daily and remove nightly. I spent 6 yrs in our Navy and will fly it always
    4 months
  • SGreathead72 profile photo
    Flag is flown daily in honor of my son currently serving in the U.S. Marines along with his wife who also served in the Marine Corp, and out of respect for my father who just past on Feb 20, 2016 as a Vietnam Veteran serving in the U.S. Army and my grandfather U.S. Army WWII, my sister U.S. Navy and the countless cousins and uncles and great great grandfathers, etc that served in numerous military branches and wars. However on Independence day I fly more than one and celebrate more than usual on a regular day. God Bless America!!!!
    5 months
  • hazel333 profile photo
    I used to fly a flag but the flag pole broke and I haven't repaired it.
    5 months
  • jacksontys profile photo
    as tradition my family flys our country's flag on July 4th.
    5 months
  • ashleypigue43 profile photo
    Anytime is fine but especially on the 4th of July.
    6 months
  • kimann profile photo
    myn flag flies continually
    6 months
  • RickKing profile photo
    Canada flag year round
    6 months
  • arjun789576 profile photo
    7 months
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