Should you tell family members how you feel about their choice of partner?

Should a parent tell their kids how they feel if they don't like who their children are dating?
Should a parent tell their kids how they feel if they don't like who their children are dating?
Should kids tell their parent how they feel about who their parent is dating?
As a sibling are you comfortable sharing negative feelings with your sibling regarding who they are dating?
As a friend, are you comfortable sharing negative feeling about who your friend is dating?
What was the outcome of sharing your feelings?
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  • yalmansiddiqui profile photo
    7 days
  • LauraWarren91 profile photo
    Best to be honest. Don't force somebody to breakup, just let them know your opinion. People are often misjudged.
    16 days
  • SoraAMM profile photo
    telling family members about these stuff is not bad, but seriously, It's the person's choice, his/her heart loved that person, he/she and no one else can change that feeling!!
    21 days
  • coffeebean profile photo
    I would stay out of it unless the person they were dating was abusive or cheating on them. Then I would step in.
    27 days
  • tuxeedo profile photo
    It's better to be honest with the other person. The other person might resent it, but they would keep it in the back of their minds.
    28 days
  • Lynn30125 profile photo
    I feel people who are honest get further in this world.
    about 1 month
  • offzwal profile photo
    about 1 month
  • Chacolatte profile photo
    People should be honest about their feelings!
    about 1 month
  • shanita7 profile photo
    I think people should always be honest but respectful at the same time.
    2 months
  • glory72736 profile photo
    Everyone who knows me are aware that you ask my opinion and Ill give it to you straight . I expect the same from them . Tell me now are forever hold it
    2 months
  • juliebarkley profile photo
    I for one appreciate the feedback. They may see things you do not.
    2 months
  • browniesundae profile photo
    If they ask me, I will tell them. If they don't ask me, I don't try to push my opinion on them. You create a resentment when you step outside your authority. If it's your child, that's a different story. You need to know the person they are dating and spending time with.
    2 months
  • mdhurley profile photo
    People should definitely be open and honest, but don't cause a lot of drama if the person doesn't want to take your advice.
    2 months
  • bardia profile photo
    I think you should be able to be open and honest about anything bothering between friends and family. But it is comfortable to tell someone something like that, no. It doesn't always help though. Everyone told me not to marry the man I did, and I did not listen. And they were right. Someone in love may not always listen. But if you can save a loved one pain, it bears bringing up (but not harping on) imo.
    3 months
  • Ginger01 profile photo
    Years ago I told a friend I didn't like her boyfriend who was hitting on me and someone els and I never heard from her again. It sucks.
    3 months
  • JessicaVS87 profile photo
    I tell my sister when they are dating losers!!! Never been wrong about a guy they date.
    3 months
  • Swash profile photo
    I tell everyone I know.. don't ask my opinion if you don't want the truth. I've been told I lack tact, but tell it like it is. lol
    3 months
  • Bella61 profile photo
    When telling others how you feel about the person he/she is dating choose the right words and the person will be be offended and will respect your opinion.
    4 months
  • cw25 profile photo
    Sometimes people are blinded by love attraction or what ever.I think especially a family member or close friend should be able to talk about these things.Better to open their eyes and let them see through yours.
    5 months
  • loriw642013 profile photo
    I think it is OK only if it is in the person's best interest and not out of spite. If the person they are dating is legitimately doing something to hurt them...cheating etc..
    5 months
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