Should you tell family members how you feel about their choice of partner?

Should a parent tell their kids how they feel if they don't like who their children are dating?
Should a parent tell their kids how they feel if they don't like who their children are dating?
Should kids tell their parent how they feel about who their parent is dating?
As a sibling are you comfortable sharing negative feelings with your sibling regarding who they are dating?
As a friend, are you comfortable sharing negative feeling about who your friend is dating?
What was the outcome of sharing your feelings?
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  • loisann profile photo
    What do you do when your daughter is dating a guy who lied to her and us about being in the marines ,and then when we confronted him he said no it was ROTC then we finally found out this was not true either,and this guy lied to her on the same day he first met her.He can lie and don't blink and eye,its like it comes so easy,what worries me is how can a person have a relationship if 1 person lies and lies, She just says he wanted to inpress us and her.Right now my husband cant stand him and hates him being at our house.Its really stressful and taking my heath down.iF ANYONE IS DATING THE BEST ADVICE I can give is be honest and trueful.
    5 days
  • neta2000 profile photo
    I think we have to be sincere when it comes of our close relatives and their relationship.
    about 1 month
  • lindseylagoy2 profile photo
    id lie to my parents and sneak out of my parents house to date some man i liked allot they never want me to date theyre too overprotective ugh
    about 1 month
  • mike.slesin profile photo
    honesty first.
    about 1 month
  • nicolef1369 profile photo
    Looking for all bad is not the way to go to get someone to hear your point of view. Come up with good and bad feedback and if you are really concerned say it---there are times when love hits us in the head and we can't see for ourselves that we are heading towards a hurricane.
    about 1 month
  • melmeljackson1 profile photo
    I will always tell my son how I feel about the one he is with.If I have bad vibes about her I would share in the way I feel and let him know to be aware but the choice would be his.
    3 months
  • ladybug1591 profile photo
    I am always truthful with my friends and loved ones.
    3 months
  • QueenIvina profile photo
    Yra, I tend to be honest about that too
    4 months
  • lahn profile photo
    I believe it is by far every human beings rights and responsibilities to protect the ones they love. (or unless you're told otherwise)...Although trials and tribulations are to be expected, wouldn't love conquer all? To my knowledge sincere love always prevails.
    4 months
  • poppopto5 profile photo
    if I have concerns, I will share my opinion in a nice way. No one has to listen and take your side, but I feel honesty is the best policy.
    4 months
  • Hanalei2018 profile photo
    Can be sensitive to vent your feelings to family member or a friend. I would if I hear they are in possible danger of being taken advantage of or possible abuse . Only then if Iam sure..gut feeling or told by a relieable source.
    4 months
  • mammacub4 profile photo
    people should understand that sometimes others need to make their own mistakes before they learn from it. I've had people tell me that my ex was 'playing' me, and didn't care until I grew respect for myself. I've also told my sisters and my friends when I thought they were making a mistake in their choice of 'partner's, and left it at that. I will do the same with my children when the time comes, but ultimately, it isn't my choice.
    5 months
  • bengirlabib profile photo
    Parents can teach their children for how can they choice a partner. Other wise there is nothing to do else.
    5 months
  • SunChariot profile photo
    When you love someone and you have a concern, imo, you have a right to voice it. To tell the person kindly that something is worrying you and what it is. But there is a huge difference between telling someone and harping on it. I think it is alright to voice your concern and tell the person why you are concerned. Then hear their side and let it drop. We do not have the right to choose who another dates.If we see something they don't we can tell them, but from there they are the ones who decide how to live their lives. After telling them once, if they do not see it your way tell them that you are always here if they need you but will not interfere in their life choices. That is what I would do.
    5 months
  • cindythatcher37 profile photo
    It's that persons choice who they want to date. I just wish them the best and hope it all works out.
    6 months
  • braelyndiamond2 profile photo
    I think being tactful but honest is the only way to be.
    6 months
  • deenie61 profile photo
    I have commented in the past, and wish I hadn't. As a parent, it's hard not to, but unless they pose certain harm I think it's best to stay out. And that goes double for little nonsense. My sons been engaged for ?3 years I think now. She's ready, he isn't entirely, and I tell them it should be 100% their decision, and not to let anyone else influence whether or when they get married. I did mess up and comment about the mess when I dropped by unannounced to give my son something. Of course he told her, and I was more or less banned because she was embarassed. Eventually I just barged in and I think she got over it but I don't bother them often. I grew up with an OCD mother when it came to cleaning. I vowed I'd never be like that but I like my floors clean at least, clutter's another topic lol. But I gave my son's fiance a complex, she considers my apartment soooo clean. Dull lighting, night visits help lol as I have really slowed down. But she recently saw cobwebs and feels better now. I'm glad she's more comfortable. Even if they don't stay together for any reason I'm keeping her and told her so.
    7 months
  • cemery96 profile photo
    Honesty is very important along with communication
    7 months
  • FairyGodmother profile photo
    Marriage is a big commitment and yes you should discuss with your parents or children but not with the boy/girl friend or proposed spouse being present. You need to listen to what family and friends are telling you without blowing up than discuss with boy/girl friend or spouse whether it is dating or a proposal. When you get married it is not just to that person but to the whole family. You don't want to close doors that cannot be opened again. You don't have to love everyone but if your married their will be times when there is a crack in door you can put your foot in! I have been married 45 years and my mother in law who hated the idea of us getting married became my confident and best friend. I later learned that she was only against us getting married before we graduated. To say the least we graduated without help from parents and let me tell you the money they saved for college was given to us on graduation and mad for a handsome down payment on a house. I am glad a left that crack open
    9 months
  • ladybugmaggie profile photo
    Yes especially if that person has a bad attitude!
    9 months
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