Should you tell family members how you feel about their choice of partner?

Should a parent tell their kids how they feel if they don't like who their children are dating?
Should a parent tell their kids how they feel if they don't like who their children are dating?
Should kids tell their parent how they feel about who their parent is dating?
As a sibling are you comfortable sharing negative feelings with your sibling regarding who they are dating?
As a friend, are you comfortable sharing negative feeling about who your friend is dating?
What was the outcome of sharing your feelings?
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  • heather_rios318 profile photo
    I used to think I was supposed to approve of my friends' relationships even if I didn't like the person. Now I'm honest with my friends, but I still respect their relationship. There's a difference between sharing your opinion and forcing it onto someone.
    3 months
  • Phccboi32 profile photo
    I believe it is appropriate for a family member to express concerns about the person another family member is currently dating. However, it should end there. There should be no direct interference from the family member. Ultimately, it is the other person's decision of how he/she will proceed with the relationship.
    4 months
  • forast profile photo
    My mother disapproved of my Japanese-American boyfriend.I am Caucasian and my dad was in WWII.So was my boyfriends father for the USA!Didn't matter.Mother was obviously racist,but I respected her.40 years later I am still alone and heartbroken.I miss you David B.
    4 months
  • jacksontys profile photo
    I don't do well with critism so I hate when my family tries to tell me how they feel about someone that I am dating. in my opinion it is not there choice whom I decide to date so I definitely would not tell them how I feel about there partner.
    4 months
  • Amrbug profile photo
    5 months
  • SheBra profile photo
    I be leave in minding your own business!
    5 months
  • DLF profile photo
    we just like to keep it real
    5 months
  • lcdewick profile photo
    these are really loaded quetions because each relationship is unique and requires individualized assessment dependent upon the current circumstances
    6 months
  • brilliant profile photo
    I think each situation is unique. There is no "right or wrong" answer here. There are times when speaking about a loved one's choice is essential, and other times where you let it be and let circumstances dictate. Loving someone and being there is also showing responsibility. Letting one learn from their experience.
    6 months
  • marybaez1996 profile photo
    marriage can be a great thing if you find the right mate but not everyone can have that benefit we all have seen the marriages that have lasted over 50 years I have seen many of these and wondered why there aren't more however most couples like these people knew their mate well before they made the big mistake it is very unfortunate that more couples in todays world do not take the time to knoe each other before they make each other miserable and create another disaster especially if they have children this is a common thing especially today mostly because there are too many issues especially with finances and lack of trust a lot of this thinking is the result of all the publicity about celebrities that are constantly getting married and divorced this is an extremely poor example of a totally wrong thing that is a complete disaster it is totally disgusting to think about how selfish all this crap really is an unrealistic view of the world. but it is a sad truth my parents and grandparents were bot married for over 40 years and they were happy despite not always having the best of relations but they still manage to make the best of the situation any way they can. most of these problems stemmed from financial problems in law misunderstanding and lack of patience but despite this they still managed to reconnect which is the biggest problems with most relationships today most couples do not wait to take action before they make any effort to resolve any issues I know this because I have 2 sisters who have both been married 3 times
    6 months
  • neelamshukla84 profile photo
    It's really helpful if we share our feeling specially with our friends,because they have some opinion about it as they are thinking practically.The person who is in love and relationship consider feelings more ,not the practical situation.
    6 months
  • geenaroses profile photo
    I have been successful in letting my feelings be known to my teen and family members by the approach I have taken. We respect each others' outside observations & know that sometimes we can be blinded by our feelings not to see things and are open-minded to listen to one another. I sit them down and let them know that I have a certain feeling, suspicion or gut feeling...whatever it is and the reason that I am sharing it with them is because I love them. I know they need to make their own decisions and observations, but at least whatever it is has been put out there for them to consider and not be blind to and I will continue to keep an eye out too.
    8 months
  • flitesoft58 profile photo
    Sometimes it's best to let your family member do what they feel instead of cutting down their choice of loved one. People need to live their own lives and unless they are young children, they have a right to learn by their mistakes.
    8 months
  • jamleyinternational profile photo
    it seems simple enough
    8 months
  • spoling83 profile photo
    The problem I have with telling my daughters I don't like who they are dating, when the time comes (they are 11, 9, and 2) is that my parents made it a point to hate every person I dated and the rebellious teen in me made it a point to keep dating that person just because my parents told me I couldn't. Of course, they never gave me a reason except they didn't like the family he came from, which my mother dated his Uncle in high school, so that was not a good enough reason for me. Anyways I felt that if they just left it alone and let me figure it out on my own I wouldn't have dated him as long as I did, 5 years, and I would have just moved on, but since they would not allow me to talk to him, I used the situation as a way to get back with them for refusing to get to know him and give him a chance. As I have gotten older I realized they were right, and he has spent his life after we broke up in and out of prison for stupid things like drugs, but I just felt that if they would have sit me down and talked to me about the reasons they didn't like him instead of just saying you aren't allowed to see him I would have realized everything sooner and not wasted my 4 years of high school with him and missed out on so much
    8 months
  • Zuska profile photo
    Personally I think it is the job of a parent or friend to let people know if they find a problem with someone that friend or child is dating. Of course, if that person decides to continue to the relationship that is up to him or her. I would hate to think or know something that I kept to myself that later resulted in heartbreak for another person. As for children, again, I think it is good to let people know where you stand, not okay to demand someone act a certain way.
    9 months
  • crabcake profile photo
    This is a subject of many ?'s and answers. Family and friends are very important to me as is what is going on in their lives. I do not believe in butting in unless I see danger of some sort. If I am asked my opinion on family or friends lives then I will give my opinion whether they like it or not, as I can speak from experience.
    9 months
  • chettabugluv profile photo
    Honesty is always important as far as I'm concerned. If you can't be honest with family and friends then who?
    9 months
  • MsElisha profile photo
    It has been said that experience is the best teacher, but at what cost? I usually try not to be judgemental, but do believe in being tactful & honest with others who ask for my opinion with personal matters. Regardless of the outcome, people are going to do what they want to do.
    10 months
  • Kitykatinlv profile photo
    Love is blind. And most people don't listen to advise. Even when true life examples are shown to prove the point, they have to learn their lessons the hard way.
    10 months
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