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14 Ways To Increase Your Chances of Qualifying For an Online Survey

Welcome to the world of online survey taking. By participating in online surveys you are providing your opinions and insights on what will shape the products and ideologies of tomorrow! We understand that at times taking online surveys can be a frustrating experience due to technical glitches, or bad survey practices. However just by knowing a couple of useful online survey practices you can avoid some of the most common reasons for disqualification and improve your chances of qualifying immensely.   It can take a few minutes to see if you qualify for an online survey – if you are disqualified from a survey after spending a prolonged amount of time answering questions, please let us know so that we can look into the issue. Remember to always provide us with the survey ID. You can find the survey ID when you are re-directed back to Tellwut. If you were not re-directed back to Tellwut it is important that you mention this in your e-mail to our support team. Contact us at Here is a quick and handy list of how you can increase your likelihood of successfully completing an online survey 1. One survey at a time. Do not open multiple surveys at once, by opening more than one survey at a time you have a higher chance of encountering a computer or survey related glitch.   2. Stay consistent in your answers. Most survey software applications keep a history of your answers, including answers from a previous survey. In this particular example we will refer to demographics – this is an important area of a survey to answer carefully and consistently. If a female survey taker, accidentally selects male when answering a survey – the survey will disqualify her.   3. Read carefully. While in the middle of the survey, you may encounter a red herring type of question or a skill testing question. The reason this appears is to make sure that the survey taker is paying attention and following directions.   4. Be selective of your membership. A reason that you may not qualify is because you did a survey first on another site, as many survey sites pull surveys from similar sources. With modern tracking capabilities, you may become disqualified from a survey without even seeing the questions.   5. Be open. Be open to purchasing new products while doing your weekly shopping, many surveys are looking for opinions on bringing new items to consumers or how to improve existing items. Even if you’re a brand loyal person or are on a limited budget, it’s a good idea to be aware of new products in the market.   6. Be involved and be aware. Being an engaged member of your community and being up to date with the news are simple ways that you can improve your chances of qualifying for a survey . As election season grows closer you may find that there are more political surveys, it also doesn’t hurt to breeze through the headlines with your morning coffee. If politics aren’t your thing, that’s okay, other global events such as the Olympics or award shows like the Oscars or Grammy’s are also popular survey subjects.   7. Remember to update. Every so often it’s a good idea to update your interests profile. Especially after a life event like having a baby or getting married. Even making a new big purchase such as a house or a car will open the door to more surveys. If your life is pretty much stays the same, it’s still a good idea to look through your interests in case you want to add a new hobby or something of that nature. 8. Timing. Do not speed through surveys, surveys have many checkmarks to ensure that panel members are carefully reading each and every question and answer. If you are randomly clicking or just answering every question the same way you may get banned from a panel community. Conversely, try not to multi-task when taking surveys or stop mid-way and then come back to it – sometimes if a survey is open for too long it will disqualify you or you will likely hit an error. Another aspect of timing that can improve your chances of qualifying is the time of day you attempt surveys. Sometimes adding variety to your timing can improve your chances of qualifying as there is no set time that surveys become available. 9. Enjoy your vacation. Do not attempt surveys when you are on vacation, especially if you are travelling outside of the country. You can be terminated from a survey due to an inconsistent IP location. Ideally, try to have a consistent place you do surveys from.   10. Jump in! Try a survey as soon as you see it! Survey quotas can fill up quickly , meaning the early bird catches the worm. This especially reigns true if the survey has a high conversion rate; a high conversion rate means that the survey will be easier to qualify for. On Tellwut you can find the conversion rate in the surveys that Tellwut sends via e-mail.   11. Pick an answer. Sometimes surveys will purposefully exclude a not applicable option or will only let you choose one answer, when you want to choose more than one. In the event that this isn’t a bad survey practice, some surveys are looking to find out what is the most relevant answer to you in a select set of answer options.   12. Technological advances. It is helpful to use a popular browser such as Firefox and Chrome, as less common browsers may have issues and will likely not be compatible with the survey software. On the topic of browsers, working on a recent version is normally the best. Lastly, some surveys are only meant to be taken via a mobile device, so check to see if there is a device type recommended. We will always mention this on Tellwut in survey e-mail invites, or on our Available Surveys page through the mobile icon.   13. Answer in full detail. If a survey is asking for you to express your opinion in a few sentences and you are entering NA/not applicable, typing in gibberish, or providing an off topic answer - you may be disqualified from the survey or have the points reversed at a later time. Even worse, eventually this type of behavior can result in a panel member becoming banned from a community.   14. Be active on social media. Social media is ever evolving and it is how many communicate with each other online and get the news these days. Surveys often want the opinions from people who are engaged on these platforms. Creating a social media profile is a quick, easy, and free! Check out and look to our social media corner (Follow tellwut on section) for the most popular platforms to join.