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Tellwut Online Survey Finds 39% Consume Alcohol to Relieve Stress

39% of Tellwut online survey members consume alcohol to relieve stress, with the second leading reason at 29% being related to the enjoyment of the flavoring or taste of the beverages. The lesser percentages were divided up between peer pressure, wanting to forget, becoming intoxicated and to make others more interesting. The national drinking age varies from province to province in Canada however in the United States of America the National Minimum Drinking Act of 1984 states that no person under the age of 21 be allowed to purchase or publically possess alcohol. When asked about their first alcohol related experience, 66% of online survey takers had admitted to trying alcohol before the age of 21. A whopping 50% of online survey panel members had a favorite alcoholic beverage, while 30% did not, and the remaining votes were dispersed between those who were undecided or abstained from alcohol completely. 2rallan comments “I'm of the Cocktail Generation (think Mad Men), and usually enjoy a cocktail each evening before dinner.” Sometimes preferences can change with the season or cuisine, as 2rallan goes on to say “While I enjoy several different types of "spirits", I usually stick to Gin (summer) and Scotch (winter); Tequila if I'm having Mexican food for dinner, etc." According to Newsweek 30% of Americans abuse alcohol. For those seeking to remove the dependency of alcohol from their life, the most suggested method was to seek professional assistance or to join a support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous. A few Tellwut online panel members shared their stories of coming to a realization about their health and future quality of life. Tellwut online survey member Pastelbaby shared a life altering event that completely changed their perspective “I used to go out drinking every night until after one long night of drinking I was driving home (an hour away), I fell asleep and when I woke up I almost hit a semi head on, that's when I totally gave up drinking. I valued life over death.” While others such as rrhoda222 found that turning to their faith was the most helpful method, “You have to decide what is more important than drinking, for me it was living and with God's help, I now live alcohol free.”