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Tellwut Online Survey Finds Split Decision on Acceptability of Lefou's "Gay Moment" in Beauty and the Beast

Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast will feature an "exclusively gay moment" according to director Bill Condon. Almost 50% of the Tellwut community panel were aware of this detail in the upcoming family feature on a March 6th 2017 survey. The film is set for release across US theatres on March 17th 2017.   Lefou portrayed by Josh Gad, is Gaston's faithful sidekick, he will be the character carrying forth the progressive message in this upcoming Disney feature. In the 1991 animated classic Lefou carries an air of intense admiration for Gaston which leaves viewers scratching their heads on whether he would rather be Gaston or be with Gaston, the tale's antagonist. Jason14 commented, "It's wonderful that Disney finally caught up to real life! A lot of kids are the children of gay parents or know kids in school that are. It's nothing new!" The diversification of sexual orientations is considered a sign of progress by 37% of Tellwut panel members, while 39% of those asked do not view it as a sign of progress. The latter set of feelings of dissatisfaction are also shared by members of the LGBTQ community, as many feel that Lefou's buffoonish and villainous characterization will continue in adding to negative stereotypes.   A beautiful young woman enraptured in a Stockholm syndrome tinged love affair with a physical non-human creature didn't appear to be an issue for Bharri333 as they went on to say, "Completely disgusting of Disney to attempt to promote gays in their films. Children do not need to be subjected to alternative sexual lifestyles at such a young age." A little over a third of respondents, clocking in at 37% do not support the creative direction Disney has taken their film in, including a theatre in Alabama who has banned the flick from their venue. On a national scale Russia has attempted to ban the movie but only succeeded with giving it an adult rating which restricts individuals under the age of 16 from watching, in their words the: "perverted sexual relations". In the U.S. it is carrying a PG rating for some action, violence, peril and frightening images.   The parents of the Tellwut panel have spoken, 26% of respondents will not allow their children to watch due to what is being described as a dance between Lefou and a secondary male character. Harriet56 shares a positive outlook regarding the thought process of a member of the next generation, "Personally I would have liked to see the two men sharing a sweet kiss, but it doesn't even go that far. As my friend's impressionable seven year old daughter said, "why can't two men kiss if they love each other? Mom and dad kiss."