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46% of Tellwut Respondents Predict Napercise Fitness Trend Will Catch On

Do you feel fatigued throughout the day? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone – more than half of the respondents on the Tellwut online survey panel feel the same way. “I always feel better after an hour nap. But I need to set the alarm” says Winnie0597, who is one of the 66% of respondents who admit to feeling weary-eyed while going about their daily tasks.   If you’re like Winnie and feel rejuvenated after a nap but need to be timed, there is a solution out there for you! Napercise is the latest fitness trend that debuted across the pond during Spring 2017, it has been officially dubbed the 40 Winks Workout. The skepticism of this new fitness routine is echoed throughout the comments “"A fool and his money" says one community member, another questions “Why not just nap at home? I'd be leery of falling asleep in a group of strangers”   Some people, specifically sleep deprived parents and stressed out students might not have the luxury of napping at their home due to work or scheduling obligations. And if you think this routine is as pedestrian as just plopping into a moldy old cot and clocking out for an hour, think again. The gym claims to create a calming environment which includes ambient sounds and a slight temperature drop that allows you to blissfully drift off into a slumber and according to them drop a few calories. We asked the Tellwut panel if they would participate in this activity the majority said no with only 23% willing to participate. However when we asked about the success of this class a fair amount predicted that it would be successful but the majority of respondents at 54% felt it would be flop.   Along with their caloric claims the workout has been scientifically designed to reinvigorate the mind, improve moods, what good nap doesn’t?! Over three quarters of Tellwut respondents feel that naps are beneficial for the their health, according to the American Health in Ageing Foundation a good nap can prevent your brain from ageing and can help you perform better in memory tests, the only catch is that your nap has to be for 60 minutes. The 40 Winks Workout might want to re-brand themselves as the 60 Minute Siesta.