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48% of voters want Justin Bieber deported back to Canada

Justin Bieber’s antics have not been taken lightly, as over 100,000 different people have signed a petition to deport Justin Bieber back to his native land-Canada. Usually a bill only needs 100,000 signatures to receive presidential consideration; however, this bill has surpassed the amount required. According to the creator of the petition: “We would like to see the dangerous,reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked.” In order to find out Tellwutter’s opinion on this situation, a survey was conducted by Tellwut Corp. The survey polled over 3,000 people on their opinion regarding the young stars recent behavior and the petition that has been created to deport him back to his home country. Voters were asked whether they were surprised to find out that a petition supporting the deportation of Justin Bieber was created. Survey results indicated that 23% of voters were surprised that a petition against Justin Bieber was created, while the majority of panel members indicated that they were not surprised that a petition was created to deport Justin Bieber back to Canada. The other 6% of voters were undecided on the situation and another 6% chose not to respond. When asked whether panel members agreed with the claims made in the petition, survey results revealed that 49% of voters agreed with the claims that were made in the petition, while 12% of voters did not agree with the claims that were made and 6% of voters were undecided. The remaining 6% of voters chose to respond with not applicable (n/a). Not surprising considering that results indicated that most voters agreed with the claims made in petition that survey results also indicated that 48% of voters would like to see Justin Bieber deported back to Canada. In contrast, only 20% of voters did not think Justin Bieber should be deported back to Canada and another 22% were undecided. The remaining 8% of voters chose not to respond. Voters were lastly asked whether they think Justin Bieber would act out worse if he was deported back to his home country- Canada. The results revealed that 35% of voters said yes, 16% of voters said no. The majority of voters 38% were undecided with regards to whether Justin’s behavior would improve or get worse if he was deported. The 9% of votes were for voters who chose to respond with not applicable. Whether or not the petition will be taken seriously or not, it is apparent that Justin Bieber’s behavior is getting out of control ; which leaves on to question what the young star will do next?