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51% of Tellwut Online Survey Takers Have Shopped at a Thrift Store in the Last Six Months

Some view the thrift store as a treasure trove of hidden gems while others see it as a cesspool of discarded junk. We asked the Tellwut online community panel how they felt and the results were almost evenly split down the middle. We inquired if online survey takers had visited a thrift shop within the last 6 months, 51% of voters had indeed taken this shopping trip â?? and of that 51%, 40% had made a purchase. Lindaopines says, "I shop at thrift shops at least once a week, both for personal use and also to find "unique" items to buy for resale in an antiques shop where I rent a space."   The top two answers for frequenting second hand shops are the lower prices with 49% of the vote and the possibility of finding unique pieces taking the slight lead with 51%. Think that thrift shops are just about clothes and kitschy knick knacks think again, community member MakwaJo shares their historic Canadiana find, "The best thing I ever found is a watercolor painting that turns out to be a Group of Seven original!" The Group of Seven were a troupe of Canadian landscape painters who have their images on display in art galleries and museums across Canada. Just to give you a clearer picture of what a monumental discovery this was, in 2012 a bargain hunter unknowingly paid $100 for a small painting by The Group of Seven, a few months later they brought it to an auction house where it was appraised for a retail value of $10,000!   Stumbling across rare art pieces and buying retro fashions aren’t the only benefits of the thrift shop. Instead of spending your dollars, why not earn some money back? Many local consignment stores are willing to buy items that are unique, high quality and that are in fair condition - only 13% of voters have sold items to a second hand store. The majority of Tellwut online survey takers have donated unwanted goods, one of the 67% of the seasoned donators said, “selling to a thrift store was more bother than it was worth. Donating was gratifying because people need stuff.” Giving to the less fortunate, finding interesting products and saving a few bucks are just a few of the reasons you should check out your local second hand shops. If you’re a novice thrift shopper or just want some helpful tips and tricks follow this link for some expert advice from the Tellwut online survey panel: