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53% of Tellwut Users Don’t Agree with New Spanking Ban

In recent news, Delaware became the first state to actually ban spanking when Gov. Jack Markell signed a bill into law to redefine child abuse as anything that involved pain. A Tellwut online poll found that 53% of Tellwut voters do not agree with this ban while 24% do agree and 22% are undecided. This new law categorizes child abuse into three levels, the lowest being causing a child physical harm or pain. If a parent is charged with causing a child pain, they can face up to two years in prison. Before this law came into place, child abuse cases were prosecuted under adult abuse laws since they did not have a category of their own. Advocates for the law state that it’s necessary for child abuse to have a separate set of laws and that spanking is not the main target here. They claim they are attempting to stop unjust violence towards those who are too young to stand up for themselves since some studies have shown spanking can result in depression, anxiety, and mental disorders in children. On the other side of things are skeptics who believe the government should not be able to take away the right to corporal punishment by parents. Although the law does not ban spanking outright, the term “pain” is subjective and can be interpreted to mean spanking. Since there are already laws against abuse, people believe this new law to be unnecessary. 57% of voters also stated that they believe Delaware has overstepped its boundaries by allowing this bill to become law, while 24% thought it did not. Tellwut users took to the comments section to make their voices heard on the subject of spanking. One Tellwut Member disagrees with spanking saying “There are other ways to discipline your children” while another comments “I was spanked as a child and so was my brother. Kids today get away with everything! Parents get child services called on them if someone witnesses them spanking their kids. It is a shame! Kids don't respect their parents or anyone else these days because all they may get is no tv, no cell phone or video game or sit in a corner for 5 minutes. This next generation is pitiful!” In an earlier Tellwut online survey, the voter panel was asked questions regarding their past on spanking and their current views. Not surprisingly, 73% of voters said they were spanked as a child and 45% believe spanking is an effective form of punishment. 35% thought spanking lowers self esteem and 12% believe it lowers IQ. Interestingly, the survey asked if the government should have clear legislation regarding prohibition of spanking with 53% saying no, the same number who disagree with Delaware’s ban on spanking. What do you think on this topic? Tellwut at Tellwut below.