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Bad Date Gone Wrong

Conventional methods to finding a partner have changed quite significantly in the modern era. In fact, it seems as though digital dating has become a new phenomenon, which many people are eager to explore. Unfortunately, the recent controversy involving has demonstrated that not everyone is having a ‘safe’ experience finding love online. In fact, some individuals have had really bad dates and experiences. For instance, one woman was brutally attacked and stabbed 10 times after she broke up with a man that she met on the online dating website. The perpetrator was later arrested for attempted murder and for murdering another woman. In 2011, another woman was sexually assaulted by a man she met on after her second date. Both women are currently in the process of suing because they believe that the dating website should be held responsible for not taking enough preventative measures to ensure the safety of their members. In order to determine whether people felt that should be held responsible for the brutal assaults, Tellwut posted an online survey to see what its members had to say on the topic. Over 1900 individuals across North America participated in the survey. The majority of individuals, 52%, felt that should not be held responsible if something transpired during or after the course of the relationship while 22% felt that should be held liable for a life threatening dating experience and 25% of individuals remained undecided. When asked whether this tragic situation changed individual’s opinions of online dating, 61% of individuals surveyed indicated that they never felt that online dating platforms were completely safe, and continue to feel that way. Only 19% of individuals surveyed are more cautious of now than previously. In contrast, 14% of voters never found a problem with despite the recent controversy. Although 46% of individuals believe that background checks should occur, they are unfortunately viewed as too difficult to produce, which has some questioning whether advertisements should be utilized as a way to create awareness about the possible threats of online dating. When Tellwut asked whether advertisements would be beneficial, 22% of individuals surveyed felt that adults should already be aware of the possible dangers and that producing advertisements would also be a threat to the business, as it would produce a negative image of the company. Despite this belief, a staggering 55% of individuals surveyed believe that it is every customer’s right to be aware of all possible dangers. This suggests that many individuals view preventative advertisements as beneficial, as they are seen as a tool that can help everyone; especially individuals who may be more vulnerable or fall prey to a bad dating situation. Overall, it is important to acknowledge that many people have bad dates before they find their perfect mate. The best advice is to be aware of the threats that lie in the virtual realm of digital dating and remember to use your instincts. If you don’t feel comfortable with online dating, you can always try the old conventional way of getting to know someone- face to face.