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Big Box Stores versus Small Business Stores? 85% Stated that They Shop at Big Box Stores.

  Let’s start with the simple logic that consumers need goods and businesses find ways to provide to them with what they need. Big chains or ma and pa type of shop– most of the consumers don’t care! They look for the best of the best, be it price, quality or experience and if possible all three at once. Tellwut crowdsourced their voters and conducted a survey to expose consumer’s stance on Big Box versus Small Business stores. 1300 people participated and 85% stated that they shop at big box stores. Almost 50% of the voters would prefer to support independent stores and shop from them if they had to choose between the smaller businesses or big box stores. Are these stats surprising to you? They are definitely surprising me. I had the impression that people love to give back to the community and do so by supporting their local stores. Obviously, since still both exist they can coexist. However, why is the result on above question so mediocre? What drives consumers to purchase products from the larger chains rather then from the small business owners? There are probably many reasons for that but some of the major are: lower pricing, convenience and great variety, bigger sizes and quantities of products, consistent experience and environment and good customer service. At the same time, I wanted to point out some of the positives of the small business stores and remind us why they deserve our attention. These small business owners are our neighbors, part of our communities; they are open for you and because of you they remain open. Many small businesses have been passed down and remain in families for years. They have specialized products and superb customer service you cannot find with big box retailers. The environment is different there— it’s like you are going to your friends’ house- cozy and welcoming. Many of the products on the shelves are unique, hand-made or home-cooked following the owner’s recipe passed down by generation. The people behind the counter are your neighbors- always wanting to have a little chat and say bye but wanting to see you again. Walking in a small business store goes along with an exclusive experience that you can’t get anywhere else. I understand that you have the need for one stop-shop experience that the big box stores deliver but visit your local small business more often! Let’s make our lives more colorful and let’s meet our neighbors at the newly opened artisan bakery across the street that turns on their OPEN sign every morning to welcome you warmly.