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De-stress with Techniques from Tellwut Online Survey Takers

Have you been stressed out this week? 62% of Tellwut online survey takers said that they experience stress at least once a week. Stress as defined by Websters dictionary is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Stress can come from an amalgamation of sources including but not limited to: career demands, health issues, monetary struggles, interpersonal strife’s as well as internal emotional battles. Tellwut online panel member jdrew39 comments that they draw stress from a common but rarely talked about source – technology, they go on to say, “My stress comes from using technology. I turn off my computer and walk away from it.”   While many view stress as simply a mental ailment, it is easy to forget that it can take a physical impact on our bodies. 57% of Tellwut online survey members feel that stress has impacted their health in a negative way, panel member Iris comments, “To live with chronic stress takes a toll on you, overwhelms your body and mind. The good way to relieve stress is to get away from the house, go for walk, go to gym and don't lose hope.” Stress can also have an impact on your physical appearance, prayncrochet said, “It's affected my appearance due to excess weight from eating comfort food.” 46% of online takers feel the same way, agreeing that stress has negatively impacted their physical appearance through excessive weight gain, weight loss and even premature aging.   Techniques to relieve stress are as varied as the factors that cause it – 35% of Tellwut online survey takers have a coping method. We asked our online survey takers what their go to relaxation methods were, many members commented they chose prayer or meditation to ease their worried souls. Catwoman30 comments, “I read my Bible daily and pray to God. It gives me a certain peace that no therapy can buy. Just knowing that He is in control really takes a lot of the weight off of my shoulders.” While other panel member chose more carnal methods, daddyduck whimsically commented, “Cheap vodka and a willing spouse has always worked for me.” A few member suggested a change in diet or exercise may hold the key to relief, lwmayrand had a myriad of options to suggest, “Take some valerian root, and melatonin, you could even go for a walk, go to the beach, sit in the sun! Magnesium is good too!” Whatever your stress relieving technique, it is best to always keep perspective, in the words of Mr. Rogers, “In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers."