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59% of over 1,000 Voters Do Not Like the Facebook Login Feature

To Facebook login or not to Facebook login - that is the question! Many websites offer users the option of logging in through their Facebook account in addition to creating and logging in directly. But is it really worth spending the time and money to add a Facebook login button? A Tellwut user utilized our crowdsourcing tool and created an online survey on this topic. 1033 voters responded indicating that the majority do not favor the Facebook login. So businesses- don’t worry if you don’t have the Facebook option available to your users. It is true that the Facebook login allows your website to become more social and gives your users multiple points to access your website. In addition, your users can access your content without having to register. The availability of a Facebook sign-in prevents the frustration of creating accounts and remembering them along with website passwords. It also allows you to track the online behavior of your website visitors and sense their likes, comments, opinions, interests etc. However, apparently the majority of the Tellwut voters are not keen on using a Facebook login feature! 59% of the Tellwutters felt that it is unnecessary, irritating, invades their privacy or they would not join a website with this feature. 43% of all participants try to avoid the Facebook sign-in and would prefer creating a regular account on a website. They find it inconvenient and definitely do not like the fact that someone spies on their online behavior. This is a valuable piece of information for those companies that do not have a Facebook login on their websites yet. Instead of focusing on Facebook, online business owners can try to improve their customer’s experience and create an easily accessible and quick registration process. Then, they would be able to attract the 11% who say that they would not use a website that features Facebook login. Although, the Facebok login button is not favored by everyone, there are still many people who find it much easier to stay connected through a Facebook login and truly enjoy it. About 22% of the participants stated that they log in through Facebook and find it handy and simple to use. Facebook login allows them to share with the world what they like about a website, products/services, blogs, and more. In addition, Facebook login is helpful for the users when they visit your website through their mobile device. A bit of advice for business owners: think about your targeted group of people, your products/services, and your strategy and figure out whether or not a Facebook login feature will help you for your business outreach. However, no matter what you choose, make sure that your website visitors are satisfied and have a wonderful experience when logging in.