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Five Simple Steps To Avoid Holiday Stress

Christmas is quickly approaching, which means for many December is an endless arrangement of parties, shopping, crafting and baking. According to a recent Tellwut online survey, 43% of respondents are stressed out by the winter holiday season. Some adrenaline junkies, consider the stress as an exciting component of the holidays, 3 year Tellwut member Gibsonkitty said “stress is part of the fun. Trying to fit the right gift with the right person is more of a challenge than stress. Love it”   Here are some helpful hints to beat the holiday heat:   Step One – Marianne comments, “if you plan things ahead no reason to get stressed.” How can you successfully plan? Get yourself an old fashioned calendar so that you can keep track of your obligations. Sometimes a visualization of mapped out details can aid in not double booking or extending yourself to commitments that you will not be able to uphold.   Step Two – Tellwut member knoopje said, “buying the right gift stresses me out.” For those who are shopping for gifts, shop early! Throughout the year keep a detailed list of what gifts those close to you would enjoy receiving. This includes making your online purchases early, there can be delays for a multitude of reasons from a technological error to a shipping mishap.   Step Three – Cut costs where you can – if you can make something yourself you should probably take that route. On Tellwut, members often share effective and easy cost saving measures. Earlier this month panel member GossamerDoll created an informative survey on DIY Christmas ornaments. To see it click here.   Step Four – One member said that no matter how much they plan, they’re still stressed. If you feel that this is speaking to you, here are some tips. Make time for yourself, take sometime to eat your favourite food or buy yourself a little treat. Most importantly, quiet, down time will help to alleviate the chaos that can ensue around this time of year.   Step Five – Don’t give into the commercialization of Christmas. Panel member Susanbs comments that she doesn’t feel stressed by the holidays. Her motto is, “I continue to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and avoid the man-made commercial Christmas crap.” The most important part of the holiday season is to enjoy it with the people that you love, doing things that you enjoy.