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A Tellwut Poll Finds that a Partner, a Good Night Sleep and Money are the Top Three Keys to Happiness

(PRWEB) December 13, 2012 Toronto based online survey site asked 3,500 panelists from across North America to rank their top five happiness factors. The survey found that men and women have very different ideas as to what makes them happy. Tellwut’s online poll asked people to say what makes them happy. Having a Significant Other ranked as the number one source of happiness, with 49% of respondents listing it in their top five. The remaining four were A Good Night’s Sleep, Money, Close Friendships and Children. However, when divided along gender lines the results changed significantly. Children were the number one source of happiness for 56% of women, narrowly edging out Significant Other and a Good Night’s Sleep. Money dropped to fourth place with 47% of women listing it in the top five. Close Friendships filled the fifth spot with Pets a very close sixth. For men, 47% listed their Significant Other tied with Money as being equally important, and then, in descending order of importance; Sex, a Good Night’s Sleep and Exercise. Children were relegated to seventh in the list. When it came to relationship status, 67% of married respondents listed both Children and Significant Other equally as the number one source of happiness in their lives, while single people ranked a Good Night’s Sleep and Money as their biggest feel-good factors. When looking at happiness factors by age group, Money rose to the number two spot for people earning under $30k but dropped to fourth for anyone with an income over $30k. Money increased again in relative importance once income levels increased above $60k. Most surprising in these statistics was that women placed their children first and partner second while men had a first place tie between their partner and money. While sex ranked third on the happiness scale for men, it did not make it on the top five list for women; with pets even ranking ahead. Tellwut is an online survey company providing a unique mix of both private business survey packages and an open opinion poll forum. The open forum provides voters the opportunity to vote on, or post surveys, offering online users a unique combination of survey software and a rewards program, coupled with a social network element that will facilitate dialogue, argument and conversation across an infinite number of subjects. Tellwut’s online survey tools for business allows companies, associations, researchers, students to send their own private surveys or canvass the tellwut voter base. Free survey trial packages are available.